Can someone please evaluate the deal I just made on a Genesis G 80 Sport?

MFG $58940

Cap Cost Reduc : $6624
Monthly Payment $639 ( 36 mos / 12,000 Miles Yr
Title/Regis - $307
Sales Use Tax $230
Doc Fee 499.50
Window Etch $199

Total : $8500 - Rebates $6500 - Deposit $2000 ( Out the door price inclusive of 1st Month $639 )

NOTE - This all includes 5 payments on my Equus $755 x 5= $3775


What is the benefit of window etch on a lease?

Seems high for a fancy Hyundai.


i agree with @buster11xx

I think its a NJ thing…also helps with your insurance…

I’d like to see some other lease deals people have received,…for a basis of comparison…

In my opinion you had more room to negotiate. 58K MSRP and 639 monthly is over 1%, especially considering this is no german luxury brand but a Hyundai

NOTE - This all includes 5 payments on my Equus $755 x 5= $3775

Why were you in a hurry to get out of the old car and tack 4 grand on the new one? No pull ahead available?

It was a 48 mos lease…no pull ahead on the new Genesis models yet…
There are no deals on the G80 sport.
Check out the mfg lease on the G80 sport… much worse.

$3775/36 months = $105 month… so you ended up at $535 a month? That doesn’t seem to bad to me if you’re going by the 1% rule.

How about $60k S90 for about $350/mo? Can’t imagine what G80 has that S90 doesn’t for extra $300/mo (neither for $200 more)

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just for info, I have a 2015 Genesis and have been offered a 3 month pull ahead and coverage of the dispo fee.
I think the reason you haven’t been offered a pull ahead is that you are so far out from lease end.
Also, for interest, I received a G90 lease offer with zero down and payments about $40 a month more than yours. I know the G80 is a “sport” model, but still, just not sure I would pay that much extra for a sporty blinged up G80. Just my 2c worth.

How can you choose anything over an S90 or a loaner C/E Class when they can be leased for 300-400 a month?


You could if Audi and BMW leased for the same money.

I don’t see Audi climbing off the pedestal they put themselves on with their A4’s and A3’s leasing for a minimum of $600 and $400 a month. It’s a shame really, the new A4 is such a beautiful car when you add the front and rear lighting package

I’m trying real hard to like the S90…but its like eating TOFU to me… My head tells me its good…but the rest of me just doesn’t agree :wink:


Sure, completely understand. I can’t look at Lexus without crying. It’s like a pretty woman after plastic surgery gone wrong :slight_smile:

I assume you mean the G 90?
I drove one for over 3 years and found it to be one of the best luxury cars I ever owned.
I’ve owned every German, Italian, British, Japanese and American before this.

No, i meant S90… Volvo :wink: