Can someone explain differences between deals in different states/regions?

I’ve learned a ton about lease pricing and negotiating deals from this site. Thanks a lot for all the great info!

It seems that most of the deals posted here are either in CA, TX, FL or East Coast. I am in Michigan and don’t really see anything posted that applies to my state.

I was just emailing with an infinity dealer. I sent them info about a deal that someone on here got in TX. They sent me back a quote that had a lower selling price than the deal posted here (the vehicle had a lower MSRP), but a higher monthly payment and DAS. They told me it’s because incentives are different in every region. This confused me… I thought incentives are used to get the selling price lower. What other regional things come into play? I thought MF and Residual are vehicle specific and have nothing to do with region. Am I wrong?

You’re listing more aggressive markets/larger metro areas, which would explain better deals.

Depending on the captive, MF, + Incentives can be different. Some are the same across the board…others have regional differences. Some captives use the numbers based on where the car will be registered (GM + BMW as 2 examples) and other captives will allow you to use the numbers from the store/region you purchase from (Volvo as 1 example).

Regions have different incentives/programs.

But Michigan has some screamin’ deals on domestic vehicles. That’s especially true if you are eligible for one of those employee deals. Sometimes you just need a relative to work for an OEM to qualify. I’m in SoCal and sometimes wish I could get one of those Michigan deals.

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There’s pros and cons to employee pricing being so common here. I don’t have any family that works for any of the car companies. Back in the day there was ways to get employee discounts from friends. They are really cracking down on that nowadays and I know a person who works for Ford and got in big trouble for giving someone their discount who wasn’t eligible. They ended up taking away his employee pricing.

However, since so many people around here can get employee pricing, that’s the pricing that all dealers advertise. So when you ask for an actual quote, everything feels like a bait and switch.

The same here in the heavy LA market - I can’t get the great deals in other states.
Case in point: Honda Clarity PHEV has a $3,000 ZEV credit and in NYS there is an additional $1700 credit. Plus the $7800 Honda lease credit. Add them up and leases are under $200.

But where I live in So Cal, I can’t get close to the great leases in the northeast!

I’m not sure how much pitty you are going to get about living in so cal and there being one car that you can’t get as good of a deal on as other people. Typically you all have the best deals for everything.

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Go to the Infiniti forum on and request information on the specific model you want and your zip code.

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