Can someone decipher this lease for me

I leased a 2019 Toyota highlander today. Was getting the same numbers negotiating from 4 different dealers. I went in and signed with the monthly we agreed on, given the sale price, MF, RV etc.

**The price on the actual car i leased is a little more because we picked a different one when we got there but again same monthly. $43,168 Sticker

However the numbers on the invoice are off from the numbers in my initial calculation but
at the end of the day my monthly wound up being the same (a little less because i traded in my nissan)

Side note: I traded in my Rogue for 6500.00. They applied 2500 to the lease for the total DAS. The first thing that threw me off was the cash on delivery shows $4517.63 on the invoice. But again my monthly is correct at 363 and the residual listed on the invoice is within a couple hundred.

What am i missing here with how they laid their numbers out?

One other question, Is it common for a dealer to have to send the check for the remainder of the trade in the mail?

Original Deal - 2500 down 365/Month

Actual Deal Same monthly and money down.