Can I swap the car right after I signed lease documents?

Hi all,
I signed a lease on a car at a dealer yesterday night.
To the very last moment I was considering and couldn’t really decide between the two cars they had in their lot, but was pushed to pick one and have documents signed and sent to the bank because it was getting late and close to closing time.

After having the car for one day, I really lean towards the other car (mostly identical, but with subtle differences I care about – color, wheels, etc.)

Is it possible to swap the cars now?

Dealer now tells me it’s not possible, because docs were sent to the bank, registration, car was taken to detail shop, blah blah blah… But I just guess it’s too much of a hassle for them now to do all the paperwork again.

For used cars there is a 7 day “change your mind” policy, isn’t it the same for new leased cars? Is there really no way to change the car now, any suggestions?


Most states have no “cooling off” period and you are stuck with the car.


Actually, I think that’s true in all 50 states. The dealer might offer a “cooling off period” as a courtesy, but I don’t think they are actually required by law to do it anywhere.

What state?? You can still try. Depending on dealer. Many dealers offer 3 day 300 mile on new cars. Im sure you are just switching so they wont loose anything.

Thanks Jon.

that sucks… then essentially it’s a pig in a poke, you can’t know the car unless you drove it for some time…

I think for new buyers (like myself) then it’s essential to know that the moment of signing the bank docs is no-return point (not in terms of buying/not buying, but in terms of picking specific car)… I haven’t realized that
“stuck with a car” :frowning:

State is WA

correct, I just want to switch the car. I’m not asking to cancel the deal, or anything

Just try going in person. No harm in trying. Promise them to leave real good reviews on and the survey :crazy_face:

Most places offer contract cancellation agreement for 3 days $250, but only available at time of sale. returning is an additional $250.

@samson, how does an unwind work in a 3 day x mile scenario for a fee like you indicate? Do you guys hold out on processing the sale for 3 days, or does this now become a once titled used car on return?

I believe it’s taken back as a new car with a disclosure. It only happens when there is an issue with funding a deal or special circumstances like conflict with the lender. It’s rare, but has happened.

Deals are not RDR’d for X amount of time after sale, takes a while before all the signed docs and etc are approved by the bank the credit app is basically preliminary.

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Out of curiosity, what are the differences in between the two?

post pictures of both, we’ll tell you exactly what to think.

guys you are great! nice forum. I posted an hour ago and got a dozen replies already :slight_smile:
this is very comforting…

after all, signing a lease on a new car (with which “you are stuck” for another 3 years :slight_smile: ) is a very emotional moment… thanks

I will help you lol. Both the black and red clarity suck. They look awful. And yep you overpaid.

Have a good night :slight_smile:

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All the Clarity wheels suck so really what difference would it make either way lol… Nice interior though!

ok, just not to highjack the thread, let’s leave the particulars of the two cars aside.
the cars are same model, same base, within +/-$1000 msrp of each other, and a bit different exterior color. just one has two extra options

my question was really simple:
I signed the lease yesterday, took ownership of the car, drove it home for one night. Can I switch to the other car today?

I understand the dealer doesn’t want to waste any more time on me because they already have the signed deal. But if it’s doable, what is it? is it just the logistics of sending in all the bank paperwork again and redoing vehicle registration etc? Or is this something that noone would ever do for me because it’s too much of a hassle?

I actually was there today. manager wasn’t in, but the associate who’s been working with me through whole process yesterday on the lease immediately became grumpy and, i’d say, nervous the moment i told him i’d like to change the car… he started telling me we’ve done everything yesterday, and picked the car that *i* wanted, and no way to switch the car because he’s spent so much time running with papers, and it was already sent to the bank, and “so much done” detailing the car and preping it for delivery.
I asked him to ask the manager to call me on my cell when he gets back, but manager hasn’t called (yet)

You mentioned reviews and survey ?

I would imagine it is a big hassle and who is to say you won’t come back in 2 days asking for a different car. The dealer has no obligation to do this, there is no cooling off period. They may be nice but I don’t think so.

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thanks. that’s helpful