Can I receive benefits from family working at Tesla?

My cousin (not immediate family member) is a Tesla Engineer in Cali.

As far as he knows, he gets to cut the line for a vehicle and he receives free FSD.

My independent research hints that the car must remain in his name for a full year for the FSD to remain free. He was on vacation and is back in the office this week and will look into it further, but I don’t see anyway that he can get ME a car.

Anyone think otherwise?

Don’t know the answer re FSD, but there is no long line anymore to buy a Tesla.


if he does not mind being on the title than yes

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Hmm. We can both be on the title and only I on the loan?

Both have to be on the loan

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That’s a shame =(

Appreciate the insight!

Can’t he just keep him (the member) on the loan and title one year and then refinance a year later under just his own name?

Yes but both have to be on the loan for a year like someone mentioned

Op wants only to be on the loan himself

What a turn Tesla pricing has taken.

Any flaws with this plan?

Buy the car with cash. My cousin the Tesla employee and I will be on the title (there’s no harm being on the title of a paid off car, right?)

Remove him from title after one year. are there any tax implications or other costs that I should be aware of?

I don’t think FSD is worth the trouble of possibly putting your kin in a compromising position.

Have you actually experienced FSD beta? When it works it’s a neat party trick but when it fails (and it does — frequently) it’s SCARY.



Yeah I’m a little skeptical of that one, but I’m talking about letting it make turns on its own on city streets.

That’s the last place you want the thing just giving up and shrugging it’s arms (metaphorically speaking) — Like I said. It’s a fun party trick like smart summon but letting it actually do it’s thing is like riding with a pre-teen student driver.


noted on the FSD. I’m pretty familiar with the autopilot features of the car. The reason I’m gung ho about FSD is because I see it as a 15k hedge if prices tank further.

3 to 4 grand tops and that’s if you’re selling it to private buyer.

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Saw the price decline today, decided to cash out the easy way.

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No One’s going to pay you anywhere close to $15k over an equivalent Tesla without FSD.

Stick with Volvo :slightly_smiling_face:

Worse than I thought. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


FSD Is worth $750!?!?!??

Good Lawd… I am morbidly curious even though I don’t really care (since I leased) what do you see for a 2023 RWD? I would think into the 20s🤪

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