Can House rent categorize as income on a dealer lender's perspective?

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Hello Buds,

I am trying to figure out the following:

I do not have a job, but I do have some income from a property that I rent out. Lets say the rent is $3500 a month. And in the theory that I do not pay for anything at where I live, food, anything etc. Will this $3500 monthly rent income work as DTI on a car finance/lease scenario? If it does, will it work out like 1099s or regular W2?

Tried calling two of the finance managers i bought cars from back when i still had a job, but they were blurry at “need to run current credit first, will depends”. any insights?

much Thankssssss

Do you report your rental income on your taxes, and pay tax on it?

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Yes, you can include whatever income you want on your credit app.

Rental income is pretty common, so as long as your credit is decent and there’s nothing irregular about your credit profile you’ll probably get approved and no one will think anything about it.

Not legal advice !! but i realize after working for a dealer, that on a good credit with history, they will 99% of the time to not ask for proof of income, and will go based on what you told them …


yes sir, but this is my first year renting it out, i havent filed tax along with it, just curious if they request for a proof of income, what would i do in that case.

but i dont have a job right now though, usually they ask for some sort of voe process.

Lowest of 3 bureau’s FICO score? Prior auto loan/lease?

You are what’s considered self-employed. You might need copies of your bank statements and your rental contract. But this is all dependent on your credit score, history, etc.

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They do not if your credit and lending history is strong

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I actually just ran credit and the lowest is like 779/780/780

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trying to swing a macan, and porsche dude told me it might be a little tough since i dont have history with them, and the closest LUX i’ve had is just a mb E53.

But i am only looking at a 55k macan?

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Worst case scenario is you run your credit…

You may be disappointed by that car FYI

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not as good of a drive as the other dudes here claim it drives? I was actually convinced that it would drive real nice comparing to a like lets say a regular mb. I actually wouldnt know, i’ve always been a non-performance SUV dude, and in 2019 i finally pulled a mb E53, then covid hit and i sold it when the used car market was crazy.

enlighten me plz./

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Nah-you should drive it and make the decision.

Reviews and thoughts from guys like myself here are the opinion of those that do not matter because you’re stroking the check.


Go do a test drive, and decide for yourself :slight_smile:

E53 and Macan are very different cars. Go for a test drive before worrying about the credit issue.

Leasing a car with msrp 1.5x your annual income?? Especially one that doesn’t lease well :no_mouth:

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