Can dealers legally include/hide rebates in selling price?

Hello everyone,

I’m negotiating with 3 different dealers right now in Oregon.
When they offer me with a new selling price, can it include rebates?

For example, MSRP $40,000 and a rebate $1,000.
Can they offer me a selling price of $39,000 and act like they gave me a discount?

I read somewhere that it was not legal in some states.

Thank you for the help!

It is Not legal if the rebate is Taxable in your state.

So I’m in Oregon (no sales tax), so dealers can legally hide it?

Yes, they can. Since you know how much rebate is on the table, there should be no issue. If you don’t know how much rebate you are expected to get, then you have to do more homework on the internet.

Yes, sir. I did my homework and know my rebate! I was being gullible and thought that I had a good sales price off + the rebate that I can take off from.

You are right. I have always this issue that is why I mention in my future conversation with delers Sale price Before Any Incentives.

Definitely. Dealers really like opm (other people’s money). They hate giving away their own money. They almost always include all rebates in “their” sales price.

There are also “Dealer only” rebates that the dealer can choose to pass to you (or not). They may even feign ignorance there is such a rebate if you ask them about it. This is different from “holdback”, which most dealers hold sacred.

That is why I advise people to not mention any targeted offers (like the Chevy private offer) until you have already locked in a selling price. If you tell the dealer right off the bat, they may try and bake that discount into an offer, where they are actually giving less discount on their end, and using the private offer to make up the difference.