Can anyone please post Manheim & ADESA recent sale prices

Hi Fellow,

I am in market for two used cars which needs replacement sooner.Can someone please post auction sale prices for Manheim & ADESA.

I am looking for below cars

2019 Rav4 XLE or XSE
2017 Tesla Model X(90D or 100D)
2018 Highlander Hybrid

If it is more convenient you can email me to [Mod Removed]
I really appreciate your help & thank you very much

I highly recommend for anyone who wants to violate their dealer’s license agreement with Manheim to simply email OP the information.

Auction results are for individuals who have paid to access the clearing house results and Manheim is pretty straight forward with restricting results on forums and in public.

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I always wondered why and where is the harm? That regular John Smith knowing results would refuse to pay 50% markup?:slight_smile: even if addition cost was only 20%

It’s a closed market meant for paying subscribers. It’s basically providing a product for free to people when others pay for the same information.

Sort of Costco, SamClub etc but more strict. Got it.

I am just trying to put reasonable offers based on going prices at auction Obviously if I am buying from private party I will be paying more than these prices.If someone can email me I would really appreciate that.It is going to be confidential

Lol trying to keep secret that used cars have low wholesale prices? Shh don’t tell anybody or Manheim will cancel your subscription but definitely keep inviting the thousands of shady middle eastern curbstoners to keep their cousins’ membership

It’s about what pays their bills and fills their pockets. It’s a business.

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If anyone can give me average going prices for above cars that would be great if don’t want to share complete list

Closing this topic. There was a similar one opened and closed recently for the same reason.

Mannheim results are reserved for individuals with paid access to them and it is auction policy to ban or fine users who break their terms of service. Requests for auction results have not been satisfied in a long time for this reason.

Manheim has gone as far as suing people for this. Doesn’t belong here.