Can acquisition fee be negotiated away?

I understand that “doc fees” go straight to the dealers pocket and we can refuse to pay them, but does the same apply to the “acquisition fee?” Is the dealer lying when they say they have to charge the acquisition fee?

Those are charged by the bank to initiate the lease. They aren’t set by the dealer, so they can’t waive them. You can roll them into the lease though if you like.

Some banks like GM Financial will “waive” the acq fee in exchange for a higher MF…your total lease cost doesn’t change by a huge amount.

“your total lease cost doesn’t change by a huge amount”, not always true for the 24 month Cruz deals waiving the bank fee for a MF increase saved a decent amount, especially as a % of total cost considering the car was less than $100 a month.

The best way is what Max is saying. Waiving it by paying a higher MF sometimes works depending on the bank. If you lease you pay acq. Every time.