Can a US resident buy/import a CPO Mercedes Benz from Canada?

So I was looking into leasing a GLC AMG 63 SUV but obviously they lease extremely poorly. So I figured I would go the CPO route. However, Canada got the GLC AMG 63S but US only got the none S version. Soooo I wondered if I could buy a Canadian CPO AMG 63S even though I’m a permanent resident of Pittsburgh PA.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would greatly appreciate any intelligent input. Thanks!!!

Moving to Off Ramp since it’s not a lease question.

Can you? Yes. Should you? :man_shrugging:t2:

You’ll need to research the specific import requirements, and you’ll have a car whose dash is calibrated in Metric. There are posts elsewhere about getting that swapped (I’ve seen lots on BMW forums, not certain about MB).

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Not really sure the difference is worth the import tax and probably denial of warranty coverage (who would reimburse dealers for working on this car? MBUSA? Nope. MB Canada? Doubt it.)

It is way more headache than it’s worth and is a massive value deduct when you sell or trade.


I brought my car from Canada when I first moved here, it was a pain selling or trading it in. I would not recommend it. That was years ago but not sure anything changed really.


For the most part the majority of differences will be software related, i.e higher output, no race mode for non S, exhaust pops and burbles.

I’m sure there are some other differences but it’s mostly trivial.

It’s an suv… I don’t think 2 tenths of a second on your 0-60 is going to be worth the effort of buying a Canadian car.

If you really want the S then just go get a glc63 from here and go to mbworld and get a reputable tuner to jack up the boost to what the S has… boom! You now have the power of a glc63S!


Why not just lease an X3M Competition? GLC63 leases poorly—so you’re willing to tie up your cash in a CPO. Is the marginal difference between the two worth the extra headache?

If I were in your shoes, I’d just lease an X3M Comp through a broker on this forum. 900s payment on a loaded car for the most part.

By body size yes but V8 in the glc63 so comparable would be x5M.

Still preferable over buying a cpo.

But hey maybe he loves amg

Well not exactly.

X5M goes against the GLE63
X6M goes against the GLE63 Coupe

X3M competes head on with the GLC63…trust me bro.

Not only are they similar in size and price. Performance is pretty much exactly the same too. V8 doesn’t mean much if it’s not translating to a power difference.

Worth noting that the X3M Comp is actually 503HP vs GLC63’s 469 HP
X3M Comp is substantially more powerful. Also lots of pops and burbles with the exhaust too.

Standard X3M Comp is 473HP (4 more than the GLC 63)
X3M Comp 0-60: 3.3 seconds
GLC63 0-60: 3.6s

Glc63 runs the same 0-60 as the X5M.

If you think that engine is producing 469 hp looool, it’s all software management with amg tbh, that m177 is used in the c, e, even the s from 2017-2019, it’s probably producing low 5s, and with a tune pushing 600+ crank.

The v8 is a lot heavier than the 6 that’s used in the x3m, the x3m is track designed. The glc63 is more of a straight line performer… amg’s bread and butter is that nasty 8 cylinder sound, outside of the m5,x5m,x6m and m8 the 8 cylinder is not used that much for M, whereas almost every mb model has a 63 amg variant, glc,gle,gls,c,e,s,sl, etc etc

Like I said body wise they compete but not engine wise. Performance wise the x3m is probably better.

Fwiw I think the x3m is the better suv, weight distribution on an 8 just isn’t right for the glc/x3m.