Can a 3rd party buy out my Land Rover lease? I'm in MA if it matters

Our loaded 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Lux Td6 only has about 8 months left on the lease, so if it can’t be done or is too much of a pain to do it’s not the end of the world. But my wife’s never been a huge fan of the vehicle so if we can get out of it early we’d take it. JLR does not allow lease swaps, so either:

a) I’d have to buy it out myself and flip it to the 3rd party
b) if JLR allows 3rd party buy-out they could buy it directly

Anyone know whether b) is possible, and either way any implications (tax or otherwise) I need to be aware of if we do this?

Not really looking to make money on the deal, just to walk away so she can get a different vehicle.

Happy to share more info if/as needed.


Its less about JLR and more about the bank. I assume Chase is the captive (but it could be US Bank or something else).

I would give the lender a call.

US Bank is the absolute worst. You would have to buy the car and then sell it to a 3rd party.

I would be scared to see what the difference is here between payoff and offer, though. As a Disco owner, I love them but they tank in value.

Thanks. It’s Chase. Do they typically allow direct 3rd party buyout? That seems like it’d be the easier way to go.

Current buyout is something like $58k. I have a private party who may be interested at that price. Sticker was $79k (as I said: loaded). Sale price was 5% off, base MF, etc. so my payment is $832.

What did Vroom and Carvana offer?

Carvana (not Vroom) was $39k which seems laughable even for a bot.

Vroom came in at $47k.

Were you able to sell your Land Rover lease to a 3rd party? I’m in the same situation.

I did not. We’re only 2-3 months from the end at this point so are just waiting it out…

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I’m less than 2 months from lease end. Carvana is offering 7k over my residual. I received lease buyout from Chase, hopefully Carvana can buy out from Chase/Land Rover.


Oh wow. Maybe I’ll try again…thanks.

I’m in a similar situation. So Chase did say they would allow 3rd party buyout? Was the retailer buyout amount different from your buyout amount? Thanks.

Carvana won’t buy lease end cars with less than 60 days maturity date. I’m contacting Land Rover Financial to extend my lease for 2 more months.
Don’t have the answers of your questions yet, I will need to take chances to find out.

I extended my land rover lease by 6 months. Still in the process to see if that will help Carvana buy out the car. (originally maturity is in 3 weeks). Will let you know what happens

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