Calling Lease Brokers in NC

Are there any lease brokers who can cater to buyers in NC? I’m looking for a zero down 39/12k on an Infiniti Q50. I am interested in the V6 models only and preferably one with the Tech package. Please assume tier 1 credit. Please PM me your details. Thanks!

Do have to pay full registration/ property tax for the last 3 months?

I think the property taxes due is mailed separately by the county within 90 days. At least that was how I got for the cars that I purchased. Will check again and confirm for a lease.

Because some states like CA you need to pay registration for the full year 4 times. Sometimes it could be cheaper to take a 36 mo lease.

Is it that way in NC?

I am in charlotte NC.

And I am a free broker :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you back in full form, how about a Hyundai Genesis G90 white/beige 5.0 ultimate 15/36 I am in charlotte

And I can see from all the comments on your return that you sir are somewhat of a magician! It will be awesome if you could help me get into a Q50 3.0T or a BMW. I am looking for cars with Drivers Assistance packages i.e. ones with the suite of safety features as my wife is going to be driving this vehicle. I have been asking for help and you are the first one to respond…so thank you already!

I know that you pay tax and registration every year. But haven’t leased any vehicle in NC yet. Will check and confirm.

3% on the payment.

and you will get a property tax bill.

We need blind spot assistance i am assuming?

Yes sir…on the Infiniti, prefer the Technology package…if not then at least the Premium Plus and Driver’s Assistance Package. I got a deal on 2017 Q50 RWD 3.0 T with PP & DAP a week ago but felt one could do better ($44,250 MSRP, $900 down, $365 with tax for 39/10 months). Also, with the daily commute, 12K will be ideal.

Got the worst deal…not worth mentioning on the BMW…exhorbitant!

Jaguar XE deal was meh…and incredibly compact and hard interior surfaces

So, are you looking to be in the $300 range?

How about a 70k MSRP 535GT ?

With just about everything… :slight_smile:

Lol…you kidding right?

nope…might have one. Don’t know if its still available… but it should be in the mid 300’s.

Uh…with what kind of drive off costs? :thinking: