California's new carpool lane stickers processing time. Plan Ahead!



It appears that it takes about 2 months to get your carpool sticker.

So plan ahead if your current stickered car is due within the next 3 months and you don’t want to get stuck in the even slower lanes.


1/8/2019 - Mailed out REG1000 to DMV
2/27/2019 - DMV Cashed Check
TBD - DMV mailing out sticker

Still waiting for sticker to arrive.


Thanks for the info. Ugh. Haven’t even got my plates yet for my new Leaf. Next time, I’ll buy before December and mail a few weeks into December.


seems pretty consistent with the Tesla Owners Forum as well

CA DMV carpool sticker - how long does it take to arrive?


My dealer filed my stickers without the plate - only VIN - looks like it’s possible


I did it with the temp plates too. Sent the check on Jan 8th and they cash it on Feb 26th…that’s not just fast…it’s DMV fast! One more month and maybe get the stickers too?


maybe that’s the state’s solutions to keep people off the HOV lanes.

I should consider putting my BMW 530e up for Private Transfer if any LH’ers need an immediate purple stickered car.


hOV lane has been moving better since the green and white expired


Just got my purple HOV stickers after 2 months!


I submitted my paperwork end of JAN (to Sacramento) and they still have not cleared the check.


I hope they are just playing catch up with people holding out for purple sticker at Q4 of 2018. Hopefully they will go back to the 1 month turnaround if the past years.


They are just slow…wife got them last week.