California CCFR is lowered Nov 2


I think it goes here but the California Clean Fuel Rebate (which is instant at point of sale) is going down from $1500 for all to $750 OR LESS (Depending on how much ‘EV’ usage)

This is going to affect 4xE Sales as well as Kia Niro and Hyundai Kona sales for sure.


Gravy train had to run out sooner or later…

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Lasted a year. Wow that was short

Still better than the rest of the country lol (well, probably not the rest, but for sure VA)

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I saw this in another LH forum: Updated rebates

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Looks like Tesla cut the CCFR on their cars already? This from an in-stock vehicle right now.

Might just be getting ready if delivery is late

What happens if you ordered the car months ago but will have it delivered after November 2? My price agreement shows $1500. Will it be lowered to $750 once I take delivery?

My understanding is that CCFR is applied at the time of purchasing the vehicle i.e. when you are signing the vehicle purchase agreement. If you’re signing the agreement by Nov 2nd, you should get the full rebate.

Exact language here:

*The $1,500 maximum reward amount is for vehicle sales completed by 11/1/21; beginning 11/2/21 the maximum reward will be $750

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So… lease a car and capitalize on the higher CCFR before 11/2/21