Calculator not accurate


I have done my research on RV, MF, state tax, how dealer incentives are taxes, what the current dealer incentive are etc.

When using the Lease calculator, I am always getting a monthly payment that is below what any dealer is offering me.

I laid out all the numbers for on dealer and requested a itemized breakdown of charges to see where the difference is coming up.

For example, getting quoted at $348/mo but using the calculator with worse case of: ; Tax is levied on the monthly lease payment (most states).’ I am coming up with $280/mo.

Frustrating to have done my research and be shopping around for a price then be laughed at by dealers, what is missing from the calculator?

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Likely accurate inputs from the user.

Why haven’t you posted a dealer sheet and your calculation for comparison?


Post a calc link and lease worksheet

I bet the due at signing amounts don’t match.

I haven’t had a Leasehackr customer ever send me the calculator correct. It’s user error not the calculator


Still waiting on a dealer breakdown, they don’t seem too happy to just email them out easily.

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“The problem is somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.”


Wow this community is super supportive and helpful.


It’s a frat hazing, but with car jokes and whacky waving arm blow-ups.

Did you read the faq on the calculator?
Did (OP) post a lease worksheet, calculate same lease by hand, and then post a calculator link to show what the difference was?

Thousands of hours of development into the calculator, not perfect but works very well. When it’s truly off, someone posts a suggestion with the correction and @littleviolette fixes it ASAP. Looks like this Land Rover Acq Fee Changed?

I work with a lot of development teams, and support requests and bug reports like “it doesn’t work” get kicked back in every industry. Explain the problem, show how you reproduced it, and someone will look at fixing it. :tipping_hand_man:t2:


The single most frustrating (and useful) thing I did after joining here was learning how to use the calculator correctly.

It’s well worth the investment in time, and takes some trial and error. There are lots of threads with complete deal info and a corresponding calculator link to study.


Dealer actually called me right after I posted that they won’t send me the breakdown. Well still didn’t get an email but he listed out other charges and fees I wasn’t aware of, so I was able to replicate what they quoted me!

What the big missing items were: $1,045 (freight), and $695 (appearance package).

I lumped those along with the $300 “dealer fee” and brought the dealer fees up to a total of $2040.

Oh goody one of my favorite posts, guess the secret car. Looks like some sort of Hyundai…:crystal_ball::mage: If this dealer won’t send you the details then move on, plenty of dealers out there willing to do so.

(still didn’t post a calculator link, just a screenshot)


“freight” should be included in MSRP, and so should the appearance package if it’s a legitimate factory package. If the dealer added that, well…


The Mystery Car…

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Garbage in, garbage out. What do you expect?


Let’s be nice guys! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face: