CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR 2022 Jeep Gladiator Willis

Good morning Everyone, I am getting ready to lease my first vehicle and would like to get some feed back on the numbers for a 2022 Jeep Gladiator Willis.

I understand that rates have gone up and credit scores has an impact on the MF. My score is currently 670. I am wondering if the MF can be improved?

Your help is much appreciated!

Just buy at that rate. $713/month effective is a terrible lease on a 52k vehicle. The discount is decent, payments should be comparable on a purchase.


Plus, purchasing avoids the $595 lease fee cost and if CCAP ever decides to stop 3rd party lease buyouts, you wouldn’t be subject to that problem if you wanted to sell it.

Costs an extra $3000 in sales tax though

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Tier bumps for LA this month? OP can you wait? Clutch serves your area for an order.

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.00301 is buy rate mf with the dealer marking it up to the max. It looks like ccap has likely bumped this to tier 1 but the dealer is having their way.

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Blessed be!

G24, by way of comparison, Clutch’s calc: (48/10)

48 month is definitely a better term here.

Even if we keep the same max mf mark up on this deal, 48/10 saves almost $100/mo
At buy rate, its $150/mo less.

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Thanks to my state of VA I have to pay it no matter what so I never think of it that way ha!


This is the worst time to lease in the history of car leases, not sure if you’re aware of that.

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Can you explain some reasons why it is the worst time to buy a lease? Is it solely the MF?

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So with that being said, it seems like your best chances of landing a worthy CPO lease is with the luxury brands like BMW, MB, Lexus?

It seems like now is just a bad time to lease for many reasons, but is it much better to buy?

Ive never seen a cpo lease that was worth considering

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