Calculator is wrong for BMW Mileage adjustment (wrong residual)

How dealer is calculating the numbers for a loaner with 4,000 miles:

MSRP: $100K
Residual: 50%
Residual value: (50% of 100K) - (4000*0.25) = $49,000

Lease calculator is showing a residual of $49,125 for some reason. Same issue even if the residual adjustment is $0.30/mile instead of $0.25/mile.

(Feel free to merge into one of the existing threads on this topic but I thought this deserved a separate thread since it’s a slightly different issue than the ones previously mentioned)

The first 500 miles aren’t counted towards the adjustment.


Bmw rv adjustment is for mileage over 500 miles. (4000-500)*.25 is what you’re looking for.


@Jon and @mllcb42 Does this apply for all demos/loaners/courtesy vehicles/corporate fleet or are there different rules for each?

Thanks, I’ll ask my dealer to take this account. Looks like another case of trying to mess with the numbers without letting customers know. :frowning:

It might be helpful to add this into the help-text here in the calculator though:


Dealers can’t mess with the RV.

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