Calculator double dipping on ACQ fee with BMW one pay option?

I’m not sure why, but the calculator and my hand (Excel) calculations seem to be pretty far off on this lease deal I’m trying to work up. Only thing I could figure (it’s not exact, but pretty close) is that the calculator may be double-dipping on the acquisition fee.

Either that, or I’m doing something wrong in my hand calcs…

The calculator shows a total lease payment of 8276, but I calculate this as 7635.

Sale price - residual = gross cap cost = 17340
Less Cap reduction of 10500 (taxed incentives) = adj. cap of 6850
Adj. Cap / 36 months = 190 dep. charge
Adj. Cap Cost + RV = 35078 * MF = 22.09 Monthly rent charge
Monthly lease payment = 190 + 22.10 = 212.09
Total lease payment = 212.09 * 36 = 7635.

The only way I can get close to that total lease payment figure is if I roll the acquisition fee into the cap cost. BUT, if that’s what the calculator is doing, then it’s double-dipping because it also lists the ACQ fee as part of the total up-front fees in the DAS breakdown.

What??? That’s not the gross cap cost.


Yep. You’re right. After correcting my spreadsheet - I get the same values as the calculator. Whoops! :slight_smile: