Calculator come up with lower monthly payment

CalcI’m comparing the dealers numbers in the calculator and monthly payment is lower. It seems it’s not adding the tax. Not sure how to paste in the calculation
msrp 34420
selling 31979
10,000 mi
Res 65%
MF .00219791666 (I think)
Downpmt 2500
taxed incent 2090
Acqu fee 650
dealer fee 598
Gov fees 387.50
Sales tax (NJ) 6.625 upfront on the total lease

On the right hand side of the calculator, there’s a green rectangle that says share your numbers. You can copy that link and share it here. Also, you’ll want to post a pic of what you have from the dealer so we can help compare.

Thanks, but I cant figure out how to post the calculation properly. I ended up adding another topic which I deleted. I tried attaching a hyperlink that doesn’t work.

The hyperlink seems to be working for me. What wasn’t working for you?

Also, what model Kia is this?

@dosu Down payment is not the same as due at signing. I bet those numbers don’t match.

I get “bad request” when I click on it.
This is a Kia Sportage EX AWD withTech Pkg
Ive cut and pasted the new calc below which still comes up wrong. I added the downpayment 2500, the 327 first pmt, and the incentive 2090 into the Down Payment line, as the have 4916.88 listed as amount due at signing… not sure why the discount is ADDED. My monthly payment is 327/mo Calculation has 196
BTW I’ve already signed for this vehicle, i’m just checking that the calculations are correct. Yes, I know it’s not a good deal, and I know I should have checked this before signing. Trying to live and learn.

The down payment line in the calculator should ONLY contain your down payment (not first pmt and incentives)

I think you also doubled your incentives by including it in your selling price and again listing it in the taxed incentives line. So I subtracted it from the selling price

These modified values should be more inline with what you were expecting:

Thanks, I thought Jon meant I should add 1st payment and incentive to my downpayment, so I did.
No, the 31979 selling price didnt include the 2090 incentive, it should be in the taxed incentive line. Still at 268. Should come to ~327

Guess I’ve lost everyone?

It is too hard to understand what you are trying to say. Is it really $2500 down payment (as in cap cost reduction) or is it $2500 due at signing? Why not just show us the dealer’s lease worksheet?

Yes, DP alone is 2500. das included first month payment -327. I changed DP back to 2500. Not sure how to copy the contract

Did you actually write them a check for $49xx? Or did you write one for about $2800?

If the latter, the incentive is part of the DAS. When I change your DP to $410 to take that into account, I come up with about $330/mo.

Better yet, I added $327 (first mo) to the DP and changed remaining payments to 35.

Have you already signed the contract?

Thanks, that must be it.
They took payment out of trade in. I still dont understand why incentive should be in there?4916.88(2500DP+326.881stmo+2090incent.)

Unfortunately, yes already signed.
First lease. Trying to learn for next time. How much better should I have done? I have 3 yrs to prepare.

Pretty simple to figure out… how much cash did you actually pay out of pocket before driving the vehicle off the lot?

Most contracts show something like “total due at signing” including the incentives, but its the “cash due at signing” that actually comes out of YOUR pocket.

Next time just ask before you sign.

Here is lease doc. Why is 2090 incentive in “amount due at signing”?
Although don’t think we paid that, they’re sending us the balance of our 5800 trade,taking out 2500+1st mo326.88

read the 2nd bullet under #7 of the contract. Includes rebates, noncash credits, and cash paid at signing. The rebate is just that, a rebate TO YOU, and you are essentially giving it right back to the dealer as a cap cost reduction.

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Yeah, now that makes sense. Sorry, just cant wrap my head around all this…Why did down payment line on calculator need to be manipulated to give the right monthly?