Calculating Lease Residual but MSRP includes Manufacturer Credit

I’m looking at an E-tron deal. (Who’s not this month, right?)

The original MSRP of the Car is 80K but on the window sticker it shows, “Credit:Laser Scanner delete - No Lidar” and there is a credit of +2850 that brings the effective price of the car to 77K. This was done by the manufacturer and not the dealership.

My question: for lease purposes is the residual calculated on the original MSRP before the credit (80k) or the actual MSRP price (77K) that the dealership says you must pay?

Very strange that the manufacturer offers a credit when the equipment isn’t installed instead of just adjusting the MSRP from the get-go.

it’s based on the $77k as that is the updated factory MSRP.

With the $2850 credit, you get the Drivers Assistance Plus package gratis. (ACC)


Thanks for the quick response. That was my gut feeling, but I just wanted to double-check with you guys.

Good to know. With Ford Credit, it’s the opposite – AFAIK, the residual is a percentage of the MSRP before option package discounts.


I confirm calbear’s statement. Residual on my e-tron was also calculated based on the discounted MSRP after the Driver’s Assistance Package credit.