Cadillac XT6 - S. Florida

Looking at a Demo 2021 XT6 at $50k MSRP and 3,000 miles on it already. Going to purchase instead of leasing. Dealer has a $999 dealer fee. (Miami area)

How much of a discount is reasonable on such a vehicle pre-incentive? They have 3 demos right around the same MSRP and all about the same mileage.

My experience with GMC loaners, is that the incentive is offered is as a separate taxed rebate, not as a discount from purchase price. I have only seen either $1000 (lower MSRP) or $2000 (higher MSRP) loaner incentives. Note that when leasing a loaner they will adjust the RV 20c per mile from mile one… This effectively negates some of the loaner incentive.

The only good thing about the loaner program is that it stacks with supplier discount. So you can use a supplier code to get ~5% off MSRP and then look for another $2000 as loaner incentive.

How did you do? My experience with Cadillac is they are overpricing all their cars.

Just drove home with my brand new XT6

I ended up getting a brand new 2022 XT6 (non-loaner) from a different dealership instead of the 2021 loaner. The price difference was only about $2,000 between the two.

I traded in a 2021 GMC Acadia SLT which I purchased for $32,000 (plus tax, tag title) in May of this year. The dealership gave me $40,381 for a trade-in allowance. Basically $8,381 more than what I paid for the car brand new and I got to put 15,000 miles on it.

Here’s the numbers of the deal.

MSRP = 49,290
GM Supplier price = 47,198 ($2,092 discount)
Rebates = $500

Trade-in allowance = $40,381
Trade-in payoff = $35,025

Dealer fee = $799 (lower than most in Florida)

Ended up financing with GM Financial at 0.9% for 72 months

The price of the vehicle itself is ok. Basically a 4.3% discount. But the value of the deal comes from what they gave me for my trade.

KBB Good trade-in value = $37,500
Carvana offer = $38,850
Vroom offer = $35,000
AlGo = $34,600

Trade-in allowance from dealer = $40,381

So I got about $2,800 more than KBB trade-in value for it which makes the deal very good in my opinion.


Wow, the prices of used cars are phenomenal and that trade-in allowance definitely made this a great deal! Congrats on the new XT6!
Great job negotiating that MSRP down as well, all things considered.

You did better than that. Your trade was tax protected so add another 6% savings (~$2,500) to your total vs. selling to a third party

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What’s really interesting is that my monthly payment ($610 x 72 months) is basically the same as it was with the Acadia. I didn’t put any money down for either car. Obviously the 0.9% interest rate helps a lot. My neighbor bought a Mazda CX-5 ($35k msrp) 2 months ago and his payment is $10 more per month than mine. We were talking last night and he was about to cry :joy:

Dealer listed the GMC Acadia at $42,989 on their website. Wow!

Plus another $1500 in dealer doc fees and expenses to cover those expensive florida “electronic registration” fees… It’s almost comical what some of these used cars are being listed for

Carvana has an Acadia that’s same year and trim as mine with 4k less miles on it and they listed it at $43,590.

That’s a few thousand more than buying brand new and paying MSRP minus incentives.