Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury AWD -$696/month for 39 months

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury AWD
MSRP: $54695 + Options ($3935) + Destination ($995) = $59625
Monthly Payment: $696
Drive-Off Amount: $878.50 (First month + DMV)
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: Unknown
Residual: $31601
Incentives: $2000 First Responder
Region: NY

Does the MSRP include the options and destination charge costs as well ? I’m not sure about this, otherwise I think I’d be able to calculate the MF on my own.

See below for the sales sheet and window sticker

I’d get the MF and RV from Edmunds, and what’s the selling price of the vehicle before the incentive? At first glance this doesn’t sound good. $700 a month would get you a lot of other vehicles.

Why do we get the MF from Edmunds ? Isn’t that something that’s decided by the dealer ?

Yes and no… the residual is set by GM Financial. The BASE money factor (Tier 1 credit approval) is set by GM Financial too. The dealer can bump it up and make you pay more unless you know what the base money factor is, and insist on using it (assuming you qualify).

Gotcha, thanks

According to Edmunds, the MF is .00016, and the RV is 53%. Still waiting on the selling price of the car from the dealer.

You really need to do a lot more reading. This is like pre-Leasing 101 stuff

And before you get all defensive, it’s for your own good.

Yea, that sheet they sent doesnt include ANY information. If they havent even told you the selling price, id just find a better dealer. $700 a month for this doesnt look good either way

Selling price turned out to be $55657.64 (6.7% off msrp) and the MF given by the dealer turned out to be 0.00028 (also real MF from GM for 39/12 is .00030, not the .00016 mentioned above, which is for 36/15). Also, the dealer cut me a check for the last two payments of my trusty old 'Pathfinder ($780 total).

Enjoy the car. In the future I’d post on Edmunds asking for the RV and MF for your specific term desired and zip code. It’s helpful sometimes to compare terms (36 and 39 months) to determine if the residual hit (if any) of the longer term is worth taking. Without confirmation of the MF in particular we don’t know if it was marked up or not. The dealer can’t go below the GM money factor, so it sounds like it may have been marked up. It’s still a low money factor so it’s not like you got killed there either way. The good news is that with a Cadillac you do get the longer warranty so you won’t have any problems at 39 months that you’ll need to go out of pocket on. 6.7% off sticker at first glance isn’t bad, but if you don’t shop multiple dealers you’ll never know if you could have done better or not. Not to mention that the paperwork from the dealer that you provided was less than transparent to say the least. When I see stuff like that with missing key information such as pre incentive selling price I immediately think that someone is trying to hide something. Lack of incentives makes this a not so great lease, even with a healthier discount. But if you like the car and are comfortable with the payment that’s what counts.

That RV and MF is for my zip code and term. See As for other dealers, one dealer asked for $714(39) with $700 down with credit for the Nissan and $727(36) with no credit for the Nissan.

Was the Pathfinder a lease?

Yeah, 36/12 @$395/month with 0 down.

If that’s the case it sounds like the $2,000 incentive you got was for lease conquest, not First Responder. If you had the First responder discount as well it should be an additional discount to the selling price. Backing the conquest incentive out of the discount leaves you at around 3% off MSRP.

I’m pretty certain that it was first responder as well. I had to sign up through GM’s first responder program to get the discount.

My Cadillac dealer said there should be Costco GM incentives starting next month.