Cadillac XT6 Loaner Lease


Hi guys! Me again:)

I haven’t received a formal offer sheet but I have a Cadillac dealer offering me a 20’ XT6 FWD Premium Luxury loaner for $479/mo inc taxes & fees with 1st month DAS on a 36k/36 mo lease. The MSRP is $52,695 & it has about 3k miles.

Any ideas on if this is a solid deal? Not sure if leasing a loaner is the way to go.

Thanks again for your help!


Probably looks something like this:

That’s a seemingly strong discount, and you’re getting an extra $2000 in incentives that not every region seems to have. The interest rate is almost zero too. You lose those 3000 demo miles unless you pay to buy them back, so keep that in mind. It’s really only a 36/33k lease as is.

Thanks ElectricEliminator. I’m going to go back and confirm the lease is for a full 36k and not just 36k less current mileage.

I appreciate the help!

Not sure if this helps, but I just signed a 36/10, zero due at signing on a 2020 XT6 Premium Luxury (MSRP $59,310) which also included my first months payment (35 payments remaining) for $494/mo. It too was a demo. 2300 miles.

Where are you located?

Houston, Texas

That sounds like a really good deal. This local dealer is still offering me $479/mo on the demo and my wife’s lease expires in a week. Decisions decisions. Thanks for sharing!

Mine has almost 7k more in accessories, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a little more wiggle room in their deal. At the very least insist they make the first months payment. Be sure they don’t confuse your request with deferring the first months payment. It’s a simple and tangible way to negotiate another 479 off the deal.

Interesting point about the mileage EE, thanks for mentioning that. I had to look into mine, and the 2300 miles (2276 to be exact) that were on my vehicle were accounted for, so I’m not in the hole. Part of me questioned how any reputable (and salesman) could possibly start someone in the hole the current miles on the car without telling them, but I’m sure stranger things have happened!

If anyone knows the target discount for a demo XT6, I would be very appreciative. Dealers seem to be stuck at about 8.5% pre rebates, which seems pretty bad for a demo.

I ended up leasing an Enclave instead. Just couldn’t get the Caddy dealers to budge!

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I have more luck with GMC, but something inside me hates getting the same car again (we have an Acadia Denali). What did the enclave lease look like?

I got an Enclave Essence with a MSRP of $49,985 for $469/mo inc tax with $0 sign & drive. That’s a 39k miles/39 month lease. I’m in AZ. What’s the best quote you’ve received on the XT6?

Something like this.

@Steve_Evans can you pass me the Cadillac deal? Thanks!

Did you try a Volvo XC90?

@harpwadh the Cadillac deal was back in May & in June the same dealership said they couldn’t get within $100/mo of what they quoted before. What are you looking for exactly?

I did a bit but probably should have tried harder. The few quotes I received were all $600+.