Cadillac XT4 demo, 5k miles. How much off beyond normal discount and incentives is fair?

Doesn’t seem like it’s being discounted any more than similarly equipped new SUVs, ex. $52K MSRP down to $45K.

What is 5k miles worth off? I plan to lease with my employee discount and wouldn’t mind jumping into this slightly used model.

In my experience GM demos are a total and utter waste of time to go after. I worked every dealer in SE MI and no dealer discounted them enough to make the $/mi cost cheaper than a brand new one. Many even tried to sell them at employee price which is completely insane.

You have GMS. Find a dealer who is willing to also throw in some dealer cash.

Edit: more info - every dealer but one ended up going down to a discount of 12% from MSRP. Like it was some sort of racket. Amusing how yours also appears to be at 12%. One was doing 14-16%. Still made the $/mi cost higher than brand new.


What model is it?

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the new small one, XT4

I was in a GM demo lease many years back but I can’t recall the details. I thought it knocked off a decent amount, but you’re right, I distinctly recall it wasn’t at all significant (and I probably went with it because it was the color and options I wanted). Details are blurry, so I was trying to size up what to expect when I call on Monday on this Caddy. Go for an extra $1,000?

Ask for 16% but I doubt they’ll give it. Where are you located?

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I’m in Michigan. When you say 16%, you mean off MSRP before or after incentives? Just want to be clear, because I get employee, loyalty, etc. discounts as well, which I think the advertised $45K already has factored in.

Ah I’m in Brighton. Before lol, always before! GMS should already be in the 8-10% range, you can find out by copying the build on the GM family website.

FYI GMS pricing is NOT an incentive. Dealers get a good size spiff from GM. Anyone pricing vehicles at straight GMS pricing is giving you basically zero discount.

Technically they can’t sell new cars below GMS, BUT they can throw in dealer cash as a down payment. I would accept nothing less than $2k dealer cash with a GMS deal on a Cadillac. Demos they can sell for $0 as they are used cars so don’t let them BS you into ‘GM won’t let us sell this for less than this price’ garbage on a demo.

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Thank you for your insights. So what are you thinking off that $52K MSRP is realistic (25% off?) after GM discount and lease loyalty?

I’m not seized with the specific car, it has options I don’t want and missing a similarly-priced option I would want at this MSRP – so no issue just walking away and might as well swing big.

16% off MSRP before incentives. Again, GMS is not an incentive, unless you have a cash certificate.

Make sure you compare total lease cost $/mi to new, and factor in that it’s a used car. For example personally I’d rather pay $0.35 per mile for a new car than $0.30 for a used car.


Saleswoman said only about $1500 off MSRP (2-3%?) for 5k miles and had some spiel about it not really being a used car. I just laughed and told her I had to run.

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Hah. I’ve heard the ‘it’s not used’ spiel before, it’s so ridiculous that I have a hard time even responding.

$1500 below GMS for 5k miles? Yeah, that’s not even close to worth it IMO. $0.30 per mile is likely far less than your lease cost will be, and you’re not getting the best 5000 miles - which are the first 5000. Like I said, GM demos seem to be a total waste of time.


I asked her how much off MSRP are they taking before GMS and loyalty for the miles, she re $1500.

Sounds like we are dealing with the same dealer. They seem to not have clear cut answers for my questions. I asked my guy what percentage off is being offered for the demo quote I received. His said he did know. WTH??


More than likely you’re not asking clear cut questions and they are payment quoting which they do with 99% of lease shoppers. Ask for breakdown of selling price and incentives.

Is there a template somewhere I can print off and ask my guy to fill in?