Cadillac Lovers

If you love all the top-of-the-line Cadillacs, they have a lease for you at $1,500/mo

You can swap it out daily if you want :slight_smile:

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Very interesting step.
I wonder how insurance coverage will play here …
If they are expecting client to make changes to the insurance every time they change their cars, then that may be too much hassle.
I am sure they might have answer in details of the program, I just didn’t find one yet

For $1,500 it is all inclusive (including insurance), no mileage limit and you can cancel after 1 month. Only in NY for now

They cover all expenses except fuel.

An article I read about it liked the service except people in NYC are not familiar with having to find parking for a car. They said if the book service offered parking it would be almost perfect. This would be a non issue if the service expanded to areas where parking is not an issue.

There’s a wait list to enter this, but there’s a another service from GM called Maven. It’s not similar to this but like Zipcar, they keep clean and top of the line cars including Cadillac (CT6, ATS and Escalade). I used it in Chicago and LA it worked very well and it’s cheap Escalade $18.00 per hour and ATS$9.00 per hour. Theyre also available in other cities like NYC Ann harbor and other. No memebership fee required. Insurance is almost included and Gas is also included they include a gas card. No memebership fee. They don’t have a age limit I got approved at 18 years old no tickets or accidents.

I read it is limited to 18 swaps a year?

And…that’s a wrap…(at least for now)…