Cadillac in NYC

Hi all, hopefully someone can help or guide me. I’ve been debating what type of car I want to get, looked at a lexus and looked into the volvo. This site has really helped me understand valuation, so grateful!

Now, I really like the cadillac xt4 but I’m having trouble getting a good deal. I don’t see any dealers offering them here, so I’m just wondering if anyone knows of someone who works with cadillacs in nyc? Otherwise any advice on getting a deal? I feel so awkward asking for msrp discounts and mf, it seems to just upset them so I’m not sure how to approach sales people. Any advice?

You already have a couple offers? Can you use the lease calculator and Edmunds incentives/MF/RV info to see how much they are discounting?

Assume base MF just to use as a baseline.

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Not sure which Volvo you looked at but i doubt the XT4 leases would beat the value of a Xc60 or V60CC

A search would show that any XT4 deal has hardly ever been shared here… which means it’s going to be a really uphill climb. How much effort are you willing to put in?

Some people really enjoy grinding dealers. Doesn’t sound like you would. For people who don’t, there’s a path of much less resistance (either replicating something yourself that’s very replicable or hiring a broker).

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Someone just shared an xt4 offer they got. Minimal discount, low incentives and a .52 residual does not equal a good deal.

Agree with you an xc60 would be a better value. If OP wants a Cadillac, look at the xt5, which is an older platform but roomier. Better deals are more likely on that rig than the newer xt4


Thank you for your response. I looked at xc40 assuming it was the one that would lease cheaper than the cadillac but it was a bit more. I would love the xc60 but I honestly don’t even know where to begin there, I’ll look at deals here for it.

The cheapest I got for the cadillac xt4 was $420 for a $38k car with $1,297 up front. I liked it but it was missing blind spot which is really important to me and every other car they had was$47k msrp. I would not mind hitting a broker but I can’t seem to find anyone who works out good cadillac deals.

Low supply + new car + low margins on GM cars, not allowing for deep discounts + low residual and minimal incentives. You won’t find anyone working out good Cadillac deals on the xt4 right now.

Did you look into an XT5? residual value is higher, and it’s an older vehicle so you might be able to get a bigger discount off the sale price. Incentives do not look to be great for either models right now.