Cadillac gm employee discount

Attempted to hack an Escalade past couple days as the 19s are just sitting on lot. I am a current owner but no gm status.

Anyone know if they ever pass the gm employee discount to regular buyers?

Otherwise best I can do is about a 12% discount, and it’s just not worth that money. Frustrated as they constantly advertise pricing with the gm discount.

They sometimes pass it along as an incentive, but I can’t recall if it was applicable to leases

No, GMS codes can’t be shared anymore. The only thing you could get would be GEX (management referral) or if you’re in Michigan and the dealer magically has ‘extra’ codes :rofl:

I tried too, was at $549 0 das on a 100k platinum trim but needed gm pricing + Escalade loyalty, without all that the price magically jumped up to $899, not paying $900 for an outgoing model.

Residuals are absolutely awful too. Kills just about any deal. Even an effective sub $900 is an incredible deal. ~45% residual depending on trim for 39 months and only a $1k standard lease support

GM is virtually unhackable anymore. Long gone are the days where 15% off was pretty commonplace. 10% off now before incentives is about as rare as getting struck by lightning twice in the same week.

last month the 24/10 was like 64 or 65%.

24/10k on premium luxury
Residual %: 59
Money Factor: .00024

yeah they definitely dropped the residual.

I think 30/10 or 39/10 is usually the sweetspot

probably, I ran it for 24/10 and 36/10 it was like a $50 difference in favor of 36/10 so going for the 24 was worth it especially as an outgoing model.

Looking around, the best advice I can give anyone looking to hack a GM vehicle nowadays is to get the Buypower card and hope for a top off, in addition to jumping through their occasional hoops to get bonuses. Also if you have loyalty currently make sure you have a Rewards account. The points add up fairly quickly and they offer redemption bonuses towards cash allowances on purchases and leases, as well as services. If you have both you can take advantage of several offers. I just got 20,000 rewards points for running 4,000 in expenses I was going to incur anyway through my GM card. If you play it right those can be worth 1000 dollars if they are offering a redemption bonus. Now I just need to find out if those allowances stack with buypower earnings and top offs!

Where was this deal at?

Lafontaine, I think that’s how you spell it, it was on a demo.

Are those top-offs still a thing ? Has anyone received one lately ?

I really like Lafontaine, but I’ve never gotten them to discount a demo enough to make them worth it with the mileage hit. What were they offering off selling price?

And as you know GMS is a big thing to have, the dealers get a spiff from GM for them.

I’m about to return my 3 year lease.

Residual is $55k on a $89k msrp. These exact cars are selling used for $45k lol


Nice car though. Haven’t had any issues except for guzzling gas. Lol

all said and done the sales price including incentives was something like 75xxx on a 100k escalade platinum, I was like oh sweet and then they “dropped a bomb on me,” with all of the incentives and gm pricing, escalade loyalty was like 3k alone.

I was gonna flip it anyway to be honest.

Its been a little while since I’ve heard of anyone getting one. They seem to be focusing on getting you to use the card in certain ways to attain bonuses now.