CA: Title Transfer Fee for Lease Buyout

I have a leased 2019 Mazda CX-5 that is coming due in December. I plan to buy out the remainder of the loan, but the contact who we originally leased the car from is acting shady by trying to convince us to go through him, not the dealer.

The car has $15.937.20 of value left but he is giving me a buyout price of $18,482.20. When asked for a breakdown of the cost, he added a $995 fee for 7 year warranty (which is optional), and a $1500 dealer fee (includes DMV transfer from Chase to me, and dealer fee).

Does this seem fishy? $1500 to transfer the title seems a bit much.

If it isn’t a Ford product, you can buy it direct by calling the phone number on the statement.

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You are in CA and this is with chase? You can buy it out directly from chase without going through any third party. Is there a reason you are going through someone else? Looking for CPO, extended warranty or financing? All those can be obtained separately on your own… you can deal directly with the lessor/bank/Chase.

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That is very helpful. It is my first lease and the dealer made it seem that going through them was the only route. Will contact chase and deal with them.

But what if later there’s complication what can you do then? anyways just make sure you what is right for you though. I’m new here and i’m happy this forum is lively happy to connect with new people too