CA taxes & credits and car inspection on a EV lease swap

Hi - Noob here. I am trying to get into a lease swap.

3 questions:

  1. If I purchase someone else’s lease how much tax, title would i owe? I live in Alameda county in California if it helps. Let’s assume for simplicity sake that the seller’s lease is also in California.

  2. Can I claim any of the government EV credits if I am getting a gently used EV swap?

  3. How do I ensure that the swapped lease I am getting has not got mechanical issues?

Thanks for your help and guidance

  1. You local sales tax on the payment. Some dmv transfer fee

  2. No, only the charger credit if you buy one

  3. Hire a car inspector they cost around $300

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Why not try and get a brand NEW one and claim ALL the credits yourself ??? Only NEW EV’s are eligible for those credits, CVRP etc
Check what the price difference would be if you lease NEW vs the used one including all the credits/rebates you are eligible for

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If you qualify for CVAP, you can use that on a USED vehicle as long as you buy it from a CVAP dealer.

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