CA EV Credit of $750 will pause on 8/31

Posted by Cody Carter

$750 CFRP is on Pause on Monday on all EV sales

Add the reduction of Rebate on the Toyota’s on 10/1, this is a nasty blow for Toyota

Good for flippers that have already leased or purchased though, right?

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well Monday is when it goes to heck, so if you have a 4xe on order, it just went up by $750

Clean Fuel Reward gone? Ouch.

$750 more :nauseated_face:

This is great. My xdrive45e was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but due to the California wildfires it had to be rerouted and now will be a week late. Just in time to miss the $750.

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Odd, I’m not seeing this update on the CCFR website.

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Yeah no changes on the website at all, maybe someone fell asleep

The webmaster is out with Covid :joy:

Well this sucks. Any chance it comes back soon? Such as 9/1?

Usually 6 months

Any other website/forum reporting this? May be taking delivery from someone else tomorrow (Aug1) for a new Tesla and would like to use this as reason for lowering price slightly.

Chevy says it’s 8/31, Toyota says 8/1 but the main website has not been updated yet

Picking up my xdrive45e today, we’ll find out if it can still be applied I guess.


They applied it still!

This thread is confusing. What’s the verdict. The CA EV credit is continuing until the end of August? For all manufacturers?

The verdict is Toyota meant to type 8/31 and they typed 8/1

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My Ford dealer said he got a notice and they can’t apply the rebate to my F150 Lightning which just came in today.

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I got an ad from an Audi dealer stating the end of the program on Aug 31. Pretty lame that the CCFR still hasn’t mentioned it on their website. Maybe they want to keep a low profile to avoid a sudden influx of applications?

It’s on the website now.