CA Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, running out?

Just received an e-mail that they are still reviewing my application and that we should check wait times online. Looking at their FAQ, rebates received June 5th will be placed on a waitlist. “Payment for approved applications on the rebate waitlist will depend on the project receiving more funding from the State of California.” I guess it isn’t a guarantee anymore.


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Ouch. Last month when I looked they had tons of funding. Maybe the info wasn’t updated or they really went through it quickly.

Last year was the same. Sometimes they run out of funds as the money comes in gradually throughout the year from the cap and trade programs. I was on the waiting list in 2016 and they kept me on hold for one month.
Low income rebate is still on…no waitlist for that one.

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Could be worse and only have 2,000 vehicles approved for your state…

Seriously, 2,000; In a state the size of Texas! You could wipe that out just with Austin metro alone even when every month is truck month.

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Wow - at least you got yours in before 6/5. Wonder how long it’ll take. I submitted mine in March and just got an approval email about 2-3 weeks ago. I think the check will probably arrive end of month. Would have been a total deal breaker for me if I couldn’t get all of the post-sale rebates.


I’m 100% on the same page with @dukez, would not have gotten it without factoring in the rebates.

For what it’s worth I know someone that works (relatively high up) for the program and she stated it will just be a delay and that we’ll still get the rebate once more funding comes in.

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this literally has happened for the last 3 years. they run out, go back to meetings over the new budget, then it gets renewed in september i think it was last time when people were not waitlisted anymore.

several transcripts of their meetings online.


With the ev sale numbers exploding the past 2 years in CA i’m surprised they didn’t reduce it already.


Well, its been 17 days. :S

So, as per Jun 5, CA has run out of funding for EV rebates. They are putting people on waitlist, if they get funding approved. No guarantees. Any thoughts?

Was about to pull the trigger on an EV but now not sure anymore…

Seems to be common occurrence.

Discussed here just 17 days ago.

Ah missed that thread. Glad to know

Nothing to worry about, this is always paid. I was on the list 3 years ago.
Maybe a mod can merge this to the other thread…