CA $2500 CVRP Rebate and getting out of lease early

I have a i3 that I got a pretty great deal on but bought a Tesla recently. I had gotten the $2500 California EV Rebate on the i3 and was wondering will I be forced to keep the lease for 30 months because of it? Anyone that had gotten the rebate move on to another car early and have the lease transferred to someone else?

You’ll have to pay back a prorated amount back. Unless the vehicle remains in your name.

Transfer the lease?
What deal did you get on the i3 and where are you located?

Was like $230 a month with 0 drive-off for a 52k sticker i3. After the rebates and all the total out of pocket was like $4850 for 3 years 36k miles. I’m sure swapping lease shouldn’t be too difficult but since I took the $2500 rebate dont want it to be a issue. Might be easier to keep it as an extra HOV access vehicle.

I leased a car and then the dealership walked back on the deal, taking the car back. In the time I had the car, I got the rebate and cashed it. Once the car was returned, CVRP somehow was notified and they wanted the cash back in full which I returned. Where is this prorating clause you’re talking about?

Aren’t we allowed to apply for up to two of these CVRP rebates? Why not get another one?