C8 Corvette Stingray Flip

Dear Hackers,

I find myself in a lucky situation where I am ordering 2 C8 Stingrays at MSRP from two different dealers (2 cars in total, one from each dealer). One I plan to keep, and one I plan to flip. For the one I plan to flip, does anyone have any insights into (1) is it worth the flip / is there enough meat on the bone, and (2) what trim/options would be best. I am in Illinois, so there would be a 7% sales tax added to the total selling price of the vehicle. I would be financing the flip vehicle, going through CUs. I am initially thinking 3LT convertible with the Z51, mag ride, lift, and 70th-anniversary package, but open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

That’s for a Z06, OP is talking stingray, which has no such limitation (from GM)


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