C63s amg lease... how bad

hey everyone,

I know these cars are not really lease hackr worthy.

but here is the deal I have right now

MSRP: 75500
Sales price:62000
Money factor:…00290
residual: 51 percent
Drive off is 2k
monthly is 1,044 with tax
total lease payments is 38,200

buying at the end of the lease I would by upside down

but was wondering its a pretty good monthly for that car as everyone is in the 1200’s with tax

let me know

thank you

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I actually don’t think that’s all that bad. RS5’s are going for way more than that and I happen to think the C63s sounds much nicer. Naturally, you’d want to lease something with a much lower MF and higher residual, but those numbers are what they are for the C63s, they definitely do not lease well. Sales price is pretty nice though, is this a sedan?

Definitely an emotional car to drive, just get ready for the maintenance. Obligatory suggestion: Have you thought about a Q60/Q50 Red Sport? Those can be had for under 650. (I know someone else would mention it :P)

I just don’t have the love for the Infiniti, I have financed a 2013 c63 sedan and have spent around the same monthly as it was an emotional buy getting rid of it after 2 years. I love the car just want the new body style. This is on a sedan yes.

They have a lease special on the non S but only have one in California and it’s ugly.

Any higher model AMG or coupe I’m looking at 1500 plus

I just wish the m3 sounded better haha they lease great.

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Maybe throw MSD at it? Lower that atrocious MF a little?

Are you sure about that MF? If correct that is nearly 7% in interest vs. base @ .00065

It’s an AMG so prob follows MB standard MF rate. That’s prob bumped up tho.

I won’t qualify for t1… I think it’s some insane credit score

I’m not sure if I want to tie up that much cash in MSDs

MBZ dealers can bump you tiers regardless of score FYI

Thats a really good price for a C63S, why are they discounting it so much? I would take it in a heartbeat.

M3 would be about the same cost with DCT and Comp Pack. Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio would be slightly more.

I’d probably just buy it at that price and look to sell it in 2-3 years if you want a new toy. That’s a crazy discount.

Debating to see what the lease incentives are on the 19s is what I was thinking. It’s a whole new car and the interior is hugely upgraded. When I spend this much on a car do I really want the new car that is old in 4 months

You’ll pay at least $1500 p/m for the 2019 C63S, probably more. Getting ~20% off is almost unheard of with AMG’s

You think it’s going to be that much on a non S tho? Not much of a difference when you tune the car

At that price I’m buying it and if anything I would find one with 3k miles or less and finance it.

If I were to finance that… how much cash would you guys put down?

He’d lose 50% in the 3 years as opposed to paying 36k for the lease.

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That was my thinking

51 residual leaves me with 37500 based on sticker

I would finance for 5 years and be upside down

Also if you buy gotta add a bigger tax bill and some incentives might be for leases only.

It would be for a lease, almost always better to finance high-end cars when they’re not heavily discounted. I would take the C63s and flip it next year before it needs new tires, if you think you’ll not want it once the 2019’s are out.

I find his chances to be slim to flip a non limited production pre face lift AMG.