C300 Lease End Options

Hello LeaseHackr Friends!

I have a 2018 C300 that has 6 months left in the lease. I am coming up on maintenance and don’t want to pay the full price if I am not going to keep it the full time. What are my options? Will they get me into a new lease? Should I just wait?



It’s like $250 for a Service A right? Is it really that important to save when your monthly is more than that?

Unless you really want to spend time checking the cars value, turning the car in, or waiting for the dealer to try to lowball you (in addition to the new lease) getting into a new lease is sorta silly at this point honestly.

I have a Service B due. Can I just do the A?

? B is at 20k So if this is right you have like 16k left over on your lease?

Then shop the car around and see if someone will buy it out (like Carmax) for more than your Payoff

Will do! I will shop around to see if anyone will bite.

It’s like ~$300 if you shop around.

He’s also at 20k miles. Maybe the C300 has good equity?