C300 2018 Service Loaner Quote

I was just quoted this from a local dealer in South Fl on a C300. This is with the United Airliens (fleet) price discount. The salesman told me on the phone he will work up a sharp deal.

Car has 4500 Miles
Car Price 45,325.00
Lease Price 37,277
36 Months/7500 Miles/yr
With 4500 in MSDS - 6420 Down

One Pay
24 Months 11,606 $483.00 Month
30 Months $448.00


I watch this forum daily and have been for months now for the curiosity and have seen many C300 loaner deals and this isn’t a good one. I am sure others will get specific but you should be aiming for much less, especially considering your only asking for 7500 miles a year. That is a terrible deal.

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I second this gesture. Someone I know got 36/12k new 2018 c300 for $429 a month, no down, no msd. I’m sure you could do MUCH better.