Buyout or turn in BMW 340i ZHP edition?

I do have a clue. I just purchased one and they are going for and selling at or above $50K with CPO.

50k for a 3 year old stick 3 series.


You bought a CPO 2018 340i ZHP for $50k+?


Ouch, hope you love it tho.


I liked these cars. Not an uber rare collector by any means, but you can’t go wrong buying it out right now either. And no, dealers won’t see any additional value for a ZHP because to a normal buyer that hits up AutoTrader and CarGurus, there’s nothing that makes it unique. Book is book.


Wow, I have the same car and the same conundrum… I guess I’ll have to see the sites above for fair value. @2018ZHPOwner, where would you say is the best place to list mine?

BMW forums if you have a price in mind.

For auctions: Cars & Bids or BAT

Oh, you bought one for that much, so therefore it is worth that much. My mistake.

And only 25% more than the most expensive one to go through dealer auction. Score!


I mean, his username is 2018ZHPOwner :rofl:


2018ZHPindenturedServant was already taken


So this is interesting… I haven’t seen any of these cars come up for sale before (I’ve been watching and Autotrader), but after your search I looked at the cars you noted to see if the $50k one was a ZHP. Sure enough, one of them was. Here’s the dealer website:
2018 BMW 3 Series 340i Sedan Freeport | WBA8B3C55JK819398

The only reason I could tell is because it has the carbon fiber spoiler. They are listing it at $49,943 but don’t make any mention of the ZHP package, LSD, M power/sound package, etc. To the shopper it looks like a RWD stick that is nowhere close to loaded for $50k. I wouldn’t buy it if I didn’t know better. There is an outside chance that someone added the carbon to this car themselves, but considering the specific build of the car this is almost definitely a 2018 ZHP.

So I guess with the limited data points of one purchaser on this thread and what’s posted online that it does seem like these cars can go for $45k or more for the right buyer. Wild market.

When I bought the car the dealer didn’t know what they had, and therefore it had been sitting on the lot for months. I was able to score a deal back then. At that same time in 2018 I found one in Indianapolis and the salesperson laughed when I tried to negotiate. They had it on the showroom floor and knew what they had. Full MSRP asking. Gotta leave it to Indy to know their stuff.

There were a lot of good points on this thread… It’s too early to really know where the value on these will land and if they will be collectible at all. I agree that the ZHP isn’t revolutionary but it’s definitely nice ($7k package nice). It could just end up the same value of 340s, but I have a feeling that us that value a manual transmission are going to get used to paying for it over the next 5 years.

The ZHP package was port installed so doesn’t show up on the typical VIN decoder or dealer spec sheets. I think this is going to lead to a lot of people just thinking it has some nice carbon fiber touches and nothing else. Although the ZHP states 355 HP a lot of indications put it closer to 380 instead of the 320 HP on the base 340.

Just sharing this for posterity in case there are any future searches on the ZHP. If you’re trying to tell if the car has the package, the giveaway is the carbon fiber rearview mirrors, spoiler, and exhaust tips (which can also be added without the package). The dead giveaway is if you start it and it sounds like a snorting beast. It also came with a decal that says “M Power” underneath the rear doors. I removed the decal because I thought it was a bit cheesy.

Other references:…&highlight=zhp…&highlight=zhp…&highlight=zhp…&highlight=zhp

On the other hand, this specific ZHP edition was specifically made without driver assist stuff like automatic braking, lane assist, etc. So a lot of the stuff people look for will be missing from this car. Then again, those people probably want an automatic trans anyway. It has the stuff an enthusiast will want… HUD, increased speed governor to 155, upgraded wheels, etc.

I found zero data points on Bring a Trailer and Cars & Bids for this specific car. Bimmerpost has some chatter but I didn’t see anything recent (but I didn’t spend too much time).

Thanks again for all the inputs! Seems like a no brainer to buy the car. I guess my next decision will be whether to try and score $50,000 for it and roll the equity into a custom 2022 M3, or just enjoy it for a few more years when the manual sadly becomes even more rare.

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Can anyone else confirm this is the case? I don’t see how the options including limited slip is a port installed option. It would make more sense to spec from factory and have factory install.

The S Sport package on my ‘18 S4 comes with limited slip and was factory installed, I believe.

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It’s on window stickers, so I’m not 100% sure.

The number of times someone asked me if my muffler had a hole in it was not 0, all I’m saying.

Interestingly, I’ve done the same research just now but am coming up with a different conclusion… sure the buyout is 38-39K, but add in the sales tax and other hassle and you need to get it sold for 44K+ before even breaking even.

Granted, there are some sales out there, the question is … what’s the risk of it not selling or how much the the hassle of trying to find the buyer…

Question for the dealers here, is there any way to (on the east coast) buy out a lease and sell it to a private party without paying sales tax?

At some point the bottom is going to fall out of all this crazy pricing for cars, I would not want to buy anything unless I absolutely have to, I lot of people are going to be left holding the bag.


The most you can install “at port” are bolt on or stick on accessories i.e. exhaust, mirror caps, spoiler ect. An LSD would have to be installed at the factory. It could have been the case that only the LSD and the power upgrade were equipped at factory but the exhaust other accessories were installed at port since you could order those things as port installed accessories on a regular model.

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BMW does (did) port installs on LSD and the power kit (exhaust and software). I had the power kit port installed on one of my old F30s, and have a friend that had LSD port installed on a M240. I think they might have discontinued the LSD at some point though - they do change availability of port installed accessories. Based on where that option shows up on the window sticker it was definitely port-installed…. Factory “packages” are at top just below colors, port installed at bottom just before destination fee and final MSRP.

A BMW dealer can buy the lease so the seller doesn’t have to pay sales tax, but they can’t sell it to anyone without paying sales tax, no.

I think they were referring to an in and out where only the end buyer pays tax.

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exactly, I meant to avoid a double sales tax. Not trying to do tax evasion :slight_smile:

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