Buyout or return the lease

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I have 2 lease returns coming up
BMW i8 and Jeep srt . I have paid around 20k for my i8 over 2 years and 45k + for srt . Should I buy out the lease and sell it to Carmax or just return the car at lease end. Thank you

What does the math say?


Since you didn’t list out what the offers are so far, it’s really hard to answer this.
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Probably not but also maybe for sure.

None of this is relevant.

What is each car worth?
Who is the highest bidder?
How much would you pay to buy each car, before and after tax?
Who is the lessor of the Jeep?


I have a 2018 srt in great shape with lease ending on n March 2022 , I am willing to get offers for lease buyouts , it would s through us bank . I apologize in advance if this is not where it is supposed to be posted . Do let me know and I will be happy to change it . Thank you again

Are you asking for people here to give you buy out offers?

Yes i am . Should I post this in a different section??

I think you’re misinterpreting the user base of this site. If you’re looking for a buy out on a US Bank originated jeep, you need to reach out to some jeep dealers that have a relationship with us bank. You won’t find that here.

Got it thank you

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