Buying out Tesla Y (Financed) for a Lease / Math Check?

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out whether it would make sense to me to buyout my tesla / use something like Carvana to buyout my tesla and move to a lease. The reality is that when I financed my tesla the price made sense, but since then Tesla slashed the prices 3 times getting me to a point i’m way over paying considering the value of the car nowadays.

Here are the data points:

  • 2023 Tesla with 14K miles / picked up the car December 2022
  • Put $20K down, and took a loan for another $50,000 (roughly)
  • All in working shape, no accidents / scratches etc.
  • Currently paying my credit using $927 per month, still have $35,536 to pay to finish off the loan and outright own the car
  • Carvana are offering me $34,600 for the car

I recognize it will be a major loss / pain in any case (at least $30K down the drain), and there is no question about that part, however, today for much less monthly fees I can get a good lease on a same or better car. I recognize that the car won’t continue to depreciate at the same rate moving forward, but not sure I want to continue paid $927 a month so that in 35 months i’ll own a $25K car at most.

Any thoughts / recommendations? Also any math logic that will sway me either way would be helpful.


If its worth 35k today and you think it will be worth 25k in 35 months your monthly cost is ~$300 month to keep it the rest is already lost\ sunk cost. How does it compare with what you can get for $300?

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my 21 MY has 33k miles and carvana offers 30k for it, just for reference.
if you enjoys the car just keep it, otherwise get out of it.

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