Buying out-of-state for a better deal?

Hey All,

So I live in CO and I am trying to get a deal on an 2017 BMW X3 XDrive28i. As everyone knows, the best place to find a deal on a BMW is in CA. So far it’s been impossible to get CO dealers to go below invoice, but I haven’t even been negotiating too much in CA and I already have this deal:

2017 BMW X3 Xdrive28i - New (10 miles) - Premium Package, Drivers Assistance
MSRP: $46,895
Selling Price: $42,170
0 down
MF: .00136
MSD: 7
MF after MSD: .00087
Due at signing: ~$5,400 (including MSD’s)
Total Payment: $450/Month with tax

I can certainly get a better deal than this (maybe get it down to ~$400 w/ tax and have them throw in lease protection insurance, hopefully) but probably not in CO. If I decide to buy it in CA, besides the costs of actually getting the car out to CO, is it a pretty difficult process to move it? Do I need to pay taxes twice? Who should I ask? The leasing company? I’m sure others would benefit from this information as the best deals are always in CA. Thanks!

You won’t pay tax twice - CA dealer will charge you CO tax.

That’s not entirely correct. CA dealer will charge CA tax if you pick the car up in CA, regardless of it is going to be registered in another state. If that happens, you can show proof of that CA tax payment when you go register the car in CO, but if the CO tax is less than the CA tax (likely), you won’t get the difference refunded back to you.

If the car is shipped from CA and delivered to you in CO, then you just pay the CO tax.

I recently tried to get a BMW from CA in FL and was unable to get anyone to even go close to it. I had to go to another state to get it. You can A) buy a 1 way ticket and drive it back if it’s not too far, you don’t want to use up a big chunk of your available lease miles just for transportation or B) get it shipped. There’s someone on this forum who’s a shipping broker @Anthony_Lopez who can maybe give you a quote.

Shipping comes with risks as well, i detailed my experience here

Maybe, but I had this situation before, with different states though. I told the dealer that the car will be registered in a different state and they calculated lease based on that other state’s tax. They also sent all registration paperwork to that state.
I actually done it twice. First time they messed it up and charged me VA tax on the full price (I later received a refund from the other state that charges tax on the leased portion). The second time they did it correctly for my relatives.

My experience has been different with out of state. I tried to get a deal in other states and they would give me crazy pricing and would not match their advertised specials. Tried with Detroit area dealers and MA dealers. This dealer in DC area kept insisting for me to come down and they would gove it to me but refused to back it with a purchase order or anything.

My experience with WI dealer was good, I suppose to pickup the car and they give me a check for MN sale tax that I should hand over to local DMV upon registration. That deal did not went through for other reasons

Hm interesting. Thanks for the replies! Apparently a lot of southern California BMW dealers have dealer agreements that don’t allow them to do out of state leases, but I’m not sure if that’s true or if he was just saying that to avoid doing an out of state lease. The offer I stated above aparently required that I register it in CA and have CA plates, but I really don’t want to do that. It’s still early in the process so I’m hoping to eventually find a dealer who will give me the selling price I need and will also file my registration paperwork in CO.

Shipping from Ca to FL usually costs around $1000 to $1400 depending on how big the vehicle is and how far south in Florida.


Awesome thanks. How much from CA to CO? I was thinking about 450-700. Also do I have to be there to pick up the vehicle? Like can I just sign the lease and then have the truck pick up the car without me being there? Since this is an out of state lease I probably could not be there exactly when the truck was scheduled to pick up the vehicle.


yes you can have the dealer give the vehicle to the transporter and make sure someone can receive it, make sure they walk around the vehicle and inspect for any scratches ( just in case )

CA to CO around $650 ish. again depending on the size of the vehicle.

I call BS on dealer agreements. I can tell you from my case of getting a lease from out of state, i was given a temp tag from the state in which i got the car to drive it home. I paid some sort of local tag fee on my lease contract (they told me it was some estimate they came up with) and the dealership sent me a refund check two weeks later for overpayment along with a BMW restricted power of attorney with necessary paperwork to get my tags locally which i have to take to my local tag agency and then pay whatever fees are involved in getting the tags.

I can however see how some dealerships don’t wanna deal with this hassle and just give you some nonsense about dealership agreements.

Some manufactures do not allow out of state sales or leases on certain models. I experienced this with certain east coast dealers when looking at the Macan when it came out and also the Cayenne.

I did lease a new 911 from Texas and the dealer put me in touch with a shipper. They fedex’d all the paperwork which I signed and sent back. Car arrived a few weeks later. Saved a lot of $$ compared to local dealers.

Local Bay area dealers are next to impossible to deal with (one exception on my current X5 lease) and are able to get more profits than normal with all the $$ out here.

Of course this is a good idea, sometimes the shipping costs can be high but you can also use services like to find a transport provider that will offer a lower price that the one who cooperates with the dealer

I am trying to do the exact same thing and the dealer in California is making a big deal that they are not willing to lease me the car because Colorado has strict laws and won’t let me register the car without the title or MSO in hand. They said BMW requires that BMW Financial keeps the title and so I won’t be able to register the car without it. From our state websites it appears that a photocopy of the title might work but I’m not sure.

So I’m wondering if you have gone through this and if you can share your experience on how to be successful here. Thank you!