Buying my 2016 528i at lease end?

I’m still happy with my car at 46k miles. I know it won’t be smooth sailing for long (things will get costly to repair) but I was just wondering if BMW does not negotiate the buy out, is there a way to track the car when it goes to auction? My buy out is easily $12-15k more than the car is worth.

Don’t do it! It’s just a car, go lease another one, there’s no reason to buy your almost out of warranty car(especially a German one). The fact that the buyout is so out of whack, is your indication that you won! Move on to the next ride, you won’t regret it!


BMW does not negotiate. No way around it.

Two people have recently reported here that BMW Financial offered them a lower buyout price.

Maybe a couple G’s but not $10k plus, he’s already won on this deal, time to move on

I think you are right. I drive a ton though, I don’t think leasing is for me.

I might try to snag a smaller SUV or something instead.

As long you setup the proper amount of miles it’s fine. I drive 15k/yr or a little more, if you’re getting a hacker deal, it’s cheaper to lease.

You can definitely use your BMW loyalty towards something like an X1/2 and you can get 15k per year leases on any car

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Don’t do it.

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