Buying Lease at Dealership


My mom is buying her Nissan Murano now at lease end at the dealership. We were given a total payoff amount including taxes and purchase option fee by Nissan. What other fee is the dealer going to add on to facilitate the financing of the car?

Thank you.

Buy it directly from NMAC if you can.

I can be wrong on this, but doesn’t NMAC require Lease buyouts to be performed at the dealer?

Unfortunately, I need the dealer to finance it.

Normally I would say buy it direct but Florida laws. Force a dealer buyout… Fun fun… He can pad that up as much as he wants but the typical is 599

Virtually every bank and credit union does auto loans.

Why would you need the dealer for financing?


What’s a dealer payout?

Dealer BUYOUT, that means if you want purchase your car at lease end Florida has several laws that force you to go to a dealer to do a buyout. Note some cars can bypass this like mazda/chase

But that doesnt mean you need to finance with them, you can bring a check from say and pay for the car right there

Email the dealer asking for a full pricing breakdown before you walk into the dealer. Dealers tend to add their extra fees (dealer/doc fee, title processing fee, etc) which you could get a break on by going a different route as suggested by everyone here. Financing is not a dealer-specific thing — you usually get way better rates elsewhere and then you can even bring that financed check to the dealer to close out the purchase.

Not Nissan, but a Florida Hyundai dealer facilitated a buyout for my in-laws Hyundai lease for $1 with external financing (Allegacy) and no extra fees / hard-sells. Dealers like that are rare indeed, hence the word of caution.

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Here you go. Don’t deal with dealer nonsense.


Try your credit Union, I am not familiar with NMAC process , but if you have payoff quote and instruction, they should do it for you with no cost. DM me if you are in north east of Florida,I know which CU here do that.