Buying a leased BMW

I’m at 38.5 months into my current lease after extending to secure a new car. I ordered a Tesla but never received one…

I’m thinking of buying my m340, with 40500 residual. I was told that dealers can beat the price listed within the financial services account. The first dealer I asked could do $1500 off, is there a dealer out there that can do better/a good way to find them?

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked to see what comparable used BMWs are going for versus buying yours? That should give you an idea of whether you should do it or not.

I have. They’re way lower priced but way less optioned, my car has EVERYTHING but paint/wheels. I think it was 70k sticker for a ~55k m340. I also know the car and haven’t thrashed it too hard. I just put on a new set of 2.5k tires and probably owe another 1-2k for dings/dents/curb rash, then another 1.5 for excess mileage.

I read earlier in the year that some leasers were being offered 6k off of m3’s, I’m hoping to get close to that/better than 1.5k!


Have You called BMFS? I remember from the past they offered some discount.

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Probably not. Old body M3s =/= M340xi. March, May, June, and July are very different to how it is now. Worth a shot though, I can’t comment as in depth as others.

Who told you that and when? AFAIK, a dealer cannot buyout a lease and sell it back to the original leasee, else they would be hit with a penalty.

The only discount would need to be offered by BMWFS directly.


And would be reflected in the online buy out.

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The very basic questions you need to ask yourself are: how long do I intend to own it, what’s the projected value at that point in time, what’s my exit strategy, what about warranty and maintenance etc etc

So which is it?


I did call bmwfs they said that they aren’t able to negotiate. They did kindly let me lease for another month though which helped!

I sadly don’t control other peoples shopping carts, their cars nor valets. (Nor my wife…).

I have 1 rear wheel curbed on the drivers side, odd. 1 rear quarter scratch, small, probably from someone entering or exiting a parking space - was quoted 1500 to fix as the have to remove the whole bumper paint match etc etc.

Camarillo dealer told me yesterday that they can do $1500 off.

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Interesting. They aren’t supposed to be able to offer it to the original leasor for under the listed buy out. Anyone else is fair game. Don’t be surprised if their story changes if you try to do the deal.

Small dealership, maybe they didn’t get the memo? Or maybe it’s a Covid nuance? When did the rules change because I can find multiple posts from earlier on in the year where people were getting discounts!?

There were people where bmwfs was offering discounts, that were reflected in their buy out price.

That is not to be confused with the dealer offering a discount beyond what bmwfs was offering.

I turned in my 330i in late November, but I had a $6k “loyalty” incentive off the buy-out quote in August. The following month it disappeared. Seems like it’s monthly based on inventory and BMWFS will offer it to you. as @mllcb42 stated, any such discount will be reflected in the online buy-out (mine was).

Just curious - Would you have purchased it if the discount was still available?

This is the biggest factor that will determine your total cost to own.

No, b/c when I leased the residual was an ungodly 67%. Even with the $6k off I wasn’t coming out ahead! And I needed an SUV anyway :slight_smile:

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Cost to own is also part of the ‘formula’

I also like to factor in the fact that I custom designed this car, it is interior and exterior the color I want, it has alcantra/carbon fiber everything from the factory, ppe, full custom painted body color aero on the front, sills, rear and I know who’s driven it for the last 3 years - there’s no car like it on the lot.

close car on the lot is

So ~$38000 with tax

Paying $40500 or even $39000 if the dealer I found can do the discount doesn’t seem like a bad deal for all the additional parts, labor, excess mileage and ‘damage’ charges.

Is this more of a discussion area? do dealers look at this section?

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