Buying a car in my business - Insurance question, need advice

Hello all.

My business has finally picked up enough whereby I can put the car on the business.

Having said that,1. how difficult is it to get auto insurance for a company?
2. How much more is it than being under a personal policy?
3. What other limitations are there?

Vehicle Value: 75K
Going to be Financed

Any Assistance would be helpful!

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It will be more expensive to put it under your business. How much is not possible to know before quoting. Generally, if your business has no auto insurance history, it will be more expensive

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It was a Very simple process for me as I went with the same agents I use for my personal, but through their commercial side.

They requested simple company info and what the vehicle was being used for.

I pay about 30% more yearly for my commercial policy.

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Do you mind referring me to the agents you utilize?