Buy out lease or turn it in for a new lease?

Good evening hackers! Looking for advice on how to navigate a lease ending soon in this crazy market.

Have a BMW X3 leased thru bmw financial. Few months left on the lease, payoff is 30k.

1-Take the car back to the dealer and see what kind of equity I have in it? Apply that to a new (overpriced) lease

2-pay off the car to bmw financial services myself and own it. (I always have a new leased car. If I buy it- it’s not to keep forever, it’ll be til I find the next decent lease deal without the pressure of my closing date)

3- pay off the car, wait a month or two, or maybe a day, and take it to the dealer to trade in and get a new lease.

What does a dealer prefer? What’s going to be the most beneficial to my wallet? Thanks in advance for the advice!

The dealer would prefer you show up without doing any research to get into a new lease so they can lowball you on the value of this one.

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Working on the research part right here right now. I like my dealer- I don’t want to make them angry. But I care about my wallet more!

If they get angry over you trying to maximize your value, you don’t want to be friendly with them anyway.


If you really want to do what’s best for your wallet, then get offers for your X3 from multiple dealers before ever talking to your preferred dealer.

No dealer in their right mind is going to get “angry” because you decided to sell your car to another dealer across the street for $36k when they would only offer you $32k.

Doing what the dealer prefers or what is going to make them the least “angry” really should be the least of your concerns.


Shop the car around, sell it outright to a BMW dealer with the highest offer.

Cash the check.

Start the new search from a blank sheet of paper. Try to overpay as little as possible. Finance if it makes more sense.

Who do you ask for to see how much they will pay for your bmw?

Used car manager?

Most dealer websites these days have a “we want to buy your car” link on them that connects you directly to their acquisition manager.

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While I realize BMW may not allow third party buyouts (I assume so from the nature of the OP’s question as I do not own BMWs), can’t you at least get a ballpark from Vroom, Carvana and CarMax? Then you will know whether it may be worth paying the tax although I worry about doing that because the market can change quickly and the offer that you get in November may be better or worse than what they will offer in December, possibly significantly worse once the used car bubble crashes although who knows when that will be

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