Buy out advise on Hyundai

I leased a Hyundai Santa Fe sport on 2017 , it was one of my best Hack ( $253/month , 0DAS for 15k mile , 24 month and then I extended the lease for 2x 6month) . currently the Pay off is around $12750 and I have another payment left.
I am considering to buy it in the end of lease , I spoke with my credit union and I was told if I give them "buyout " package they can process the title works and I have to pay tax in DMV with no extra fee. the problem is Hyundai finance won’t provide “buyout package” and when I called they said I have to go to Hyundai dealer or a dealer with “DealerTrack” and they can process the title works. I got a quote from local dealer and they want at least $700 for dealer, doc and title fee beside of tax and transfer tags.
any Hacks to avoid these fee?

Are you in FL? If so, legally you have to go through a dealer to buy out your lease vehicle.

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Call headquarter Hyundai in Sanford, FL - they brag about not charging dealer fees for lease buyouts. HMF is terrible to work with.

Another option is selling the car to Carvana, get a check for positive equity, and buying a used Sonata which will cost the same or less.

this has been discussed many times before so you should search

AFAIK in Florida your only options are to call around and find another dealer with lower doc fees or just return the vehicle/walk away.


The reason I asked was because I asked my credit union and they said they can handle pay off/ title works as long as they have “buyout” package", thanks for your advise but I have not seen anything about handling buyout trough another financial institution , Am I missing anything?

It doesn’t matter whether you are paying cash or financing it. The lessor (Hyundai Motors Finance or whoever it is) is legally barred from directly selling you the car in Florida


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This was a convenient post to come across because PA is also a state where Hyundai Motor Finance will not sell the vehicle directly to the lessor. I got a buyout quote from carvana and I’d like to accept however they want a 10 day payoff quote. I called HMF and they said I have to go to the dealer to get the buyout quote. It seems strange to me that I’m going to be walking into the dealer to get a buyout quote from them only to use it as documentation for carvana. Would the dealer even put something like that in writing without knowing they would be able to buy the car with their “dealer discount”? This one really has me stumped on how to get out with the positive equity carvana is offering. I’m hoping a a veteran hackr will be able to help or at least provide some guidance. Thank you in advance.

@Specialopts51 I have never had a problem to get pay off quote from my Hyundai dealer, also I remember in 2019 Carvana’s agent was able to pull it our from their system. As far as I know any Dealer who access to Dealertrack can get pay off quote from their system.
this is what I got from my dealer and you can see it has a procedure for all dealer and in fine print asked Hyundai dealer need to use internal Website.
I saw in another post in LH , seems You can get pay off quote from Honda ( without needing to go to Dealer , I tried to google it or add HMF to same URL with no luck.

I wanted to follow up on how this went for me. I called carvana before going to the dealer and I’m glad I did. remembered correctly that Hyundai (along with a few other makes) are able to be pulled directly by carvana. The only caveat on carvana’s end was that the lease had to be more than 60 days out. Monday I’ll be calling to get my lease “extended” and hopefully the transaction with carvana can happen soon after.

There’s a company called Tresl (formerly IMF) that works with HMF to buy out leases with no dealer fees. Try giving them a ring.