Buy or Lease 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

I’m thinking of getting the 2023 Bolt EUV due to the price + federal tax credit. Will come out to $22k after the tax credit.

Idk much about cars but do you guys think it’s worth getting it? Also, I have a paid off 2017 Toyota Corolla that I plan to trade in so my total out of pocket will be less for the Bolt EUV.

What do you guys think? Pros and cons would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Go for it.

depends, do you have a home to charge at? Thats really where youd start to see some real benefits from especially if you installed a level 2 charger.

If not, your corolla is a safe bet to keep at this time.

Is chevy passing along the $7500 in a lease?

I don’t yet, but I plan to get it if I get the car. They also offer free charger installation

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It’s very painful to just charge a 200+ mile car on a level 1. My neighbor has a 100m RT drive and a Level 1 doesn’t cut it, the Dryer plug they are using as a level 2 barely covers it.


Yes they do

You’ll be fine with 240V

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Just curious if you went through with this. I have a 2017 Subaru Outback and have been thinking about the same. I know I will sacrifice quite a bit of interior space and utility but moving into a new vehicle that I will hand down to a teenage driver in a couple years. Right now is the plan to hand down the Subaru we bought new ~7 years ago.

no. they are not. i think the OP misunderstood. In a Chevrolet EV/EUV LEASE the $7500 is not passed to the consumer.

However, on a sale, the $7500 can be applied to the buyer’s income tax form if they meet requirements like: makes $150K or less if single, has $7500 worth of taxes to pay.

It’s best if you buy the car on or before April 17th, because the Chevy EV/EUV may/will only qualify for 1/2 of the $7500 after that date. The Chevy Bolt is a screaming deal – at least until April 18 | Electrek

“the Bolt will likely lose half of the EV tax credit on April 18, the day after the proposed rule goes into effect. If you can manage to find one and “put it into service” before that date, you can still qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit”

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Don’t forget that as a Lease, Chevy still gets $7500 and will eventually pass it to consumers to prop up sluggish sales…lol

They do not.

I didn’t go for it. I actually planned to keep my Corolla and put it on turo while I purchase the Chevy bolt. The reason I didn’t buy it because they only had the Bolt 1LT available which everyone said is very basic. Doesn’t even have a button to open the trunk and has manual reclining. However that was fine by me, but everyone said it’s not an upgrade for buying a new car. It’s the Corolla of the EV. I looked at it only for a financial point of view which is AMAZING. If you have a need for a car and don’t want to spend too much, this is the BEST CAR! I’m serious!

I am also looking at it from a value perspective. I agree, the MSRP of one I would actually want to own is more like 32-35k. I have GM employee pricing (direct family a retiree) and coupled with the 7500 rebate its enticing proposition to move from a ~7-year-old ICE car that will be ~9 years old and 90k miles when my teenage driver starts driving, or I could trade up now for not much $ out of pocket and hand down a 2 year old EV with ~20k miles when starting to drive.

I’m through the major maintenance items on the Subaru powertrain that was due around 60k miles but I’m questioning the maintenance and ongoing costs as it continues to age from a total cost of ownership perspective. I also already have a level 2 charger in the garage but would be sharing it with a 4XE I acquired during that craze.

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Nice thinking! I also liked how they give you a level 1 and 2 charger and free installation. It’s a no brainer investment for a car

What! Free level 2 charger? Which one are they giving out?

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Idk exactly. But they literally had both the level 1 and 2 charger in the trunk and the salesman said that these are included

2 chargers? My (Non GM car) was a Multi just had to switch the plug on the end.