Buy an EV Now or Wait for 12,500 EV Tax Rebate?

I am in the market for a car but wondering if its a good idea to buy an EV Car Now or wait for EV Tax Credits (With no approximation on what the 12,500 proposed tax credit could officially be claimed)

My Tesla deliveries are due this month and I have been assigned a VIN already but I am very confused if I should go about take the delivery and postpone it to wait for EV Credits ?

Thoughts ?

I ordered mine 5/17. Should be ready towards the end of June, no VIN yet. I will take delivery. If the tax credit passes, they will most likely increase prices again which will pretty much cancel out the benefit of the tax credit.


Do you need the car now?
If so, get it
If not, wait.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for a $12,500 BEV credit.


If you keep postponing your delivery to the point that tax bill passes - they wouldn’t be able to raise price on you since you already paid deposit based on earlier negotiated price , correct ?

I am on the fence as I can wait 3-5 months for this but not sure if this bill would become a law by then.

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I would prefer to get it soon but can hold for 3-5 months if I have a good shot at the tax credit. Trying to get an idea on timeline on when this could possibly become a law.

Student loan holders appreciate your optimism. :smirk:


Pretty sure the draft proposal had a dec 31 effective date.


Well Congress goes on Winter Recess on Dec 10. So they have up to that point.

I checked yesterday, none of the proposals have a bill #, which means no committee markup. No whip counts because there is nothing to vote for. Trial balloons for people to react to.

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I read somewhere on a document they send you that you can delay delivery up to 3 months. After that, they will keep your $100 and cancel your order. Unsure where i saw it, i’ll try to look for source

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That can be pushed back If you have a good relationship with your advisor. I’m waiting on 4680 model Y to upgrade from my P3D

I thought 4680 is far away? Late next quarter or later?

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I think before end of year.