Buy 2017 Audi Q7 CPO or Lease 2019 Audi Q7?

Hi Everyone,

I’m in the market for an Audi Q7 3.0 Premium Plus. I’m not sure how much these are leasing for as far as the 2019’s go. I know the 2017 Audi 3.0 Premium Plus is going for about 41k as a CPO car with approximately 25k miles. I don’t know much about these cars and how well they hold up so before I dive into a buy, I wanted to check to see what most are doing here as far as these cars go?

Question 1 - Does it make sense buying a 2017 CPO @ $41,000 instead of leasing a 2019 new one? I’m considering what the value of this car will be in 3 years on a buy versus the 3-year lease payment and see if it makes sense.

Question 2 - I’m in SoCal, any deals that look amazing for the Q7 3.0 Premium Plus on a lease or buy?

Thank you!

  1. German cars out of warranty are generally a poor decision. Resale value is poor.

  2. Wanted ads are not permitted. You can check the marketplace and recent shared deals to see how they are leasing. The resources and information are out there

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You didn’t state how long you plan on keeping the car and how many miles you expect to drive a year.

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I agree with it being a not so good idea with having a German car out of warranty. I think I can offset that with buying an additional Audi warranty. However, the resale value issue seems to be the killer. I took a quick glance at what 2012 Audi Q7’s are going for compared to 2017’s. I know the body changed and there are some differences but man does it take a nasty hit. Assuming I keep the 2017 for 5 years as a buy, I will take the same nasty hit.

Buying a brand new 2019 is pretty much ruled at as well, even if I can get 20% off MSRP. Let’s say a $65,000 car can be purchased for $52,000. In 5 years, the Q7 will be worth much less than half. When you add tax and license, it really ends up not being pretty. I don’t understand the buzz around the 20% off MSRP if these cars tank in value so bad…

I will take a look at lease scenarios to see if that will end up being a better option. If not, I may have to look at Japanese…


I want to keep it 5 years. I drive about 13k miles a year.

It would make sense to lease for 3 years at 12k and do pull ahead or buy miles before the lease is up.

Theoretically you’d have an 8 year old Q7 with 90k+ miles. Research some lease deals on here and verify the MF, incentives and residual on Edmunds. Or consider other German competitors.

Thank you. I will do that.

The current model Q7 is about to have a body change too, so a 17 would have the same problem in 5 years.

Yeah 2020 due out next month is a refresh.

Correct. That’s what I was basing my estimated value on. It’s a significant hit.

Yes. I doubt the deals will be great on them though for a while…

You will come out ahead if you buy used and hold for five years. It’s all a matter of whether you want the new car or not. All this stuff about out of warranty German cars is mostly lingering rumor. Just leased a new q7 and still have a 2010 q7 that we have owned from new. Extended warranty is totally unecessary on these cars.

Nice! This is a response I didn’t expect. So no real problems with the Audi for 10 years?

Which engine option are you looking at 2.0T or 3.0 for 2019.

New 2020 has 3.0 twin turbo only. Reports are indicating gas mileage are worst that the 3.0 supercharger form 2019.

It all depends on what kind of thing you’re looking for.
The new touch screen are annoying for me. Preferred the older MMI.

I’ve just bought a 2019 prestige. Managed to get 17% off MSRP.

I’m looking for either a used 2017 Q7 3.0 Premium Plus to buy or a 2019 Q7 3.0 Premium Plus to lease. I don’t want the 2.0 engine…

Where are you located?

It depends on how the previous owner took care of the car and how you take care of it. And also some luck. I wouldn’t go into a long term purchase without some cash set aside for costly repairs after the warranty expires.

Best to look around if purchasing, look especially for vehicles that’s been on the lot over 300+ days. will show how long it’s been on the market.

I was thinking the same until I test drove both and did not see a major difference in power to warrant spending an extra $5-6k compared to the 2.0T that is equipped the same. But in the end to each their own, all the best in getting a Q7.