Brokers: Do you pay a referral fee?

If I were to send you business, and the lead buys, would you pay a referral fee? If so, what is that amount typically?

If the lead pans out, sure.


Likewise, no jacks, they actually buy something, I’d be more than happy to discount your next fee, or venmo you.


Yes, why not - $50-100

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I feel like that’s not out of the question.

I don’t know, my dealership pays $200 per referral, but I’ve heard other dealerships don’t. But for brokers, sure, why not?


Yes I would do that

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Did someone say jacks?

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Yeah I have a thing against jacks, I was crushed by a Harbor freight jack a while ago, been traumatized since.

I was thinkin’ maybe a grand or two would be better !

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My favorite is when a broker calls and wants us to pay them a few hundred for a referral plus we have to whore out the car. Gonna pass on that offer.

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